Costumes Are Coming + Steppin' Out March News

We're happy to announce that your dancers have begun learning their choreography for the spring performance. Dances are starting to take shape and the teachers ask that students avoid missing any classes from this point forward. This month we will also be measuring students for costumes! All students are encouraged to take part in the performance, but if you don't want to or can't, please let us know as soon as possible so we don't order your child a costume (not all costumes are returnable and some take weeks to arrive). Estimated costume costs run from $30-$60 per costume, and we will make every attempt to keep the costs down. Should you need assistance with costumes, please contact Angela.

Steppin' Out will be open for spring break as different schools observe different breaks, so please come to class if at all possible.


  • Sunday, May 20th: Dress Rehearsal, 2-8 p.m. (each class will be called for a 30-45 minute window during those six hours and teen dancers will be called in the later part of the day).
  • Saturday, June 2nd: Shows at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. (full announcements about which time your dancer will perform will be made at the start of April)
  • Sunday, June 3rd: Advanced Showcase, 5 p.m.

The dress rehearsal and all shows will take place at Everett Middle School. More details coming soon.

We're so happy the rainy season has finally started to arrive, but if you have an upcoming birthday in the family, you might want an indoor option. Steppin' Out offers fabulous and fun movement-themed birthday parties of any kind, from basic to turn-key, at can't-be-beat pricing. Reserve yours now.

Dance requires the ability to balance, and not just during a relevé or arabesque. The start of good dance balance is really alignment. This means that we stack our major joints in relation their neighbors, knees over ankles, hips over knees, shoulders over hips, and so forth. A great way to find balance is to experiment with losing it. Have your dancers move their joints out of alignment and note whether they feel "balanced." Then have them try to realign and stand nice and centered with their tummies lifted. The old "walk with a book on your head" method (while harder for those with silkier hair!) can help our dancers develop a better sense of alignment as well.

We really enjoyed reading about how American Ballet Theater principal dancer Isabella Boylston became Jennifer Lawrence's dance double for the movie Red Sparrow.

Encourage your dancers to practice good studio etiquette by watching their classmates while waiting for their turns and clapping at the end of class.

Spring Semester Is Here + Steppin' Out February News

Welcome to spring semester! We've officially transitioned into the part of year when the focus is on the annual performance. Students will begin learning choreography for their dances this month, so please try to attend as often as possible. Additionally, we have some dates to put on your calendar: On Sunday, May 20th we will hold dress rehearsal at Everett Middle School from 2-8 p.m.(each class will be called for a 30-45 minute window during those six hours and teen dancers will be called in the later part of the day). Our show dates will be June 2nd and 3rd at Everett Middle School. Half of our classes will perform on Saturday, June 2nd at 11 a.m. and the other half will perform that same day at 2 p.m. Our advanced dancers will have an additional performance on Sunday, June 3rd at 5 p.m. Everett Middle School will offer parking in the school yard for each performance and dress rehearsal. Stay tuned for more details down the road.

If your dancers come on Saturday, please remember that there will be no class on Saturday, February 17th in honor of Lunar New Year (you have been charged accordingly). Saturday classes will meet all the other Saturdays in February, though, so see you at the studio.

In winter, it's important that all of our dancers stretch more carefully before class (even though, if you live in SF, you might feel like it's summer right now!). This month's focus is on a hip opener that you and your children can do together. Small kids love "beating their wings" like butterflies. To help them, butterfly together! Sit with the bottoms of your feet touching and your knees extending to the sides. You can hold your ankles to keep the pose stable. Next, gently "flutter your wings" by moving your knees up and down (be careful not to overextend the downward movement of this stretch--protect those knees). Ask your children where they would like to fly today. After you've flown for a minute or two, have your child's butterfly get "sleepy"--fold heads into feet for a deeper stretch. This is a great hip opener for before or after class or anytime you feel stiff.

We loved watching this moving tribute to dancers of different ages, cultures, and abilities and thought you and your children might love it, too. Watch the Ontario Arts Council's beautiful video, Why I Dance.

We're sad to report that SF Dancewear, one of our go-to stores for dance attire, is closing its doors after 43 years of business. Their website reports that the building they were renting has been sold. Please consider supporting their going out of business sale (happening now). We'll miss having such a comprehensive dance store in SF.

Spread the word! For the first two weeks of February, come take an extra class Wednesday or Thursday morning for FREE! Our Wednesday 10:30-11:30 a.m. and Thursday 9:30-10:30 a.m. classes (both Tap/Pre-ballet/Tumbling class for ages 3-5 with teacher Angela) are open for free drop ins on February 7th, 8th, 14th, and 15th. This invitation is valid for anyone, whether or not they are a current Steppin' Out family, so why not bring a friend and celebrate Valentine's Day with dance?

Speaking of Valentine's Day, consider making it sugar-free! Simply use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut pieces of fruit and create your own (healthy and festive) treats.

Spring 2018 Registration Now Open

Spring registration is now open. All class spots are available on a first come, first-served basis, so register as early as you can to get the schedule you prefer.

You can register now for spring or read on for more information. 


Our spring semester will run for seventeen weeks, except for Saturday classes, which will run for sixteen weeks and be pro-rated accordingly. The spring term is from February 1st through May 30th and will focus on preparation for the annual performance. Tuition for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday spring classes is $248 (17 classes x $14/class + $10 registration fee); tuition for Saturday spring classes is $234 (16 classes x $14/class + $10 registration fee).

Please note that almost all spring classes will have the same teachers as fall classes did, but students who danced with Teacher Dora on Tuesdays this fall will have Teacher Zoe in the spring due to scheduling issues (Teacher Dora will still be with us and will be teaching as much as her schedule permits). 

  • Read more about our teachers here.
  • View the spring class schedule here.
  • Learn more about tuition and policies here.


We offer discounts for multiple classes or siblings as follows:

  • For two classes or two dancers per family: 10% off the semester
  • For three classes or three dancers per family: 15% off the semester
  • For four classes or four dancers per family: 20% off the semester
  • For five classes or five dancers per family, 25% off the semester, etc.

Please note that multi-class discounts are only available when paying for multiple classes in the same transaction.

Please register here or email us with any questions or problems:


We hope today proves a powerful opportunity for reflection on the life and contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Here are some events in San Francisco today that may be of interest.

Spring Registration + Steppin' Out January News

Happy New Year! Here is some important information for returning families. First of all, your fall tuition covers classes through the month of January and classes resume this Saturday, 1/6, so please come back! We'll see your dancers at the studio soon. Second, spring semester begins at the start of February. Registration is not automatic from fall to spring or spring to the following fall; however, we do offer continuing families priority registration. Here are some important details about registering for spring:

Registration Timeline

  • Pre-registration: On Monday, January 8th at 8:30 a.m., Steppin' Out will email a special link to all currently enrolled families. To continue in your current class(es), follow the link to register. 
  • Early Registration: On Monday, January 15th at 8:30 a.m., Steppin' Out will send an email to our newsletter subscribers with registration links, allowing the Steppin' Out community to register for any remaining spots in classes (whether or not they were enrolled for fall). You are welcome to forward this email to friends or family.
  • General Registration: On Thursday, January 18th, any remaining spots will be opened to the general public.

Spring Schedule
Our spring semester will run for seventeen weeks, except for Saturday classes, which will run for sixteen weeks and be pro-rated accordingly. The spring term is from February 1st through May 30th and will focus on preparation for the annual performance. Tuition for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday spring classes is $248 (17 classes x $14/class + $10 registration fee); tuition for Saturday spring classes is $234 (16 classes x $14/class + $10 registration fee).

View the spring class schedule here and learn more about tuition and policies here.

Choosing the Right Class
Dancers remain in the same class from fall to spring. Should you have any questions about your family's schedule, please contact Angela:

Please note that almost all fall classes will be the same during spring term, but students who danced with Teacher Dora on Tuesdays this fall will have Teacher Zoe in the spring due to scheduling issues (Teacher Dora will still be with us and will be teaching as much as her schedule permits). Read more about our teachers here.

Plank is a wonderful movement to help build core strength that's perfect for the whole family (especially right after the holidays!) and is also adjustable depending on age or level. Starting on their tummies, beginners can interlock their fingers and press down with their elbows as they tuck their toes and lift their bodies a few inches off the floor so that only their toes and arms are touching. Remember that shoulder blades slide down the back and the core stays engaged. If this is too hard, try the same move with knees down. If it's too easy, use just the hands instead of the entire forearm. More advanced dancers can move between two straight arms (palms pressing down) to side plank (right hand presses down along with the pinky-toe edge of the right foot while the body faces the left side of the room and the left arm reaches to the sky; repeat on the other side). When first attempting plank, hold for a few seconds only. Over time, build up to a couple of minutes or even more.

Steppin' Out is very proud to have been the drop-off site for a special donations event coordinated by one of our community members, the Stemmer family. The event allowed San Francisco families to fulfill the holiday wish lists of Santa Rosa fire survivors. During the event, the studio was full of presents and generous donations reached 26 families over the holidays. This month's cover photo highlights this wonderful event. Thank you so much to the Stemmer family and to everyone who donated. 

Your stuff misses you! The Steppin' Out Lost & Found basket (located on the middle shelf above the shoe bin in the back studio) is overflowing. Unclaimed items will be donated at the end of the month, so please come grab your stuff.

Winter Camp + Steppin' Out December News

Happy holidays! In the spirit of winter, we're excited to announce that we started our holiday choreography this week. The collection of nutcrackers have come out to dance with your children--they are always a hit with the little ones. Our teen dancers are also enjoying choreography to some new original holiday music by Sia (one of their--and our--favorites). Holiday choreography is always fun, but its real purpose is to help prepare our dancers for spring semester, when they will begin to work on dances for the annual Steppin' Out performance. (Spring semester starts in February this year; see "Holiday Recess" for more information.)

Steppin' Out will be closed for regular classes from December 22nd through January 5th. But please don't forget to come back to class beginning January 6th!. Fall classes continue through Jan 31st. We'll send you more information on how to register for spring semester after the break (continuing families always retain their spots).

It's winter and that means...Winter Camp! Steppin' Out offers a super flexible, fun, and enriching option for kids to enjoy winter break. Whether you need coverage the whole break or just for a day here or there, we've got you covered. Come take advantage of our magical winter days packed full of delightful, age-appropriate activities and surprises. Register now or learn more on our Winter Camp page.

The holiday season can be a very exciting time, but sometimes that excitement can be too much, even for adults. Teach your dancers good skills in the face of stress by practicing deep breathing together. Have your dancer use his body to demonstrate the expansive feeling of a deep inhale, followed by the contracted feeling of a full exhale. He can start in a little ball on the floor and then extend his whole body tall and stretched, or he can make up his own original dance move to show the flow of breath in his body. You'll be practicing creativity, movement, breathing, and relaxation all in one.

It's time for our annual "nutcracker" reminder! During this time of year, many families choose to see this classic holiday ballet performed live. While there are many excellent options in the Bay Area, here are a few of our favorites:

The classic, featuring breathtaking performances and spectacular sets: 
San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker

The 50-minute version, perfect for the younger crowd:
Mark Foehringer's Nutcracker Sweets

The whimsical, audience-participation option:
Dance Along Nutcracker: Nutcrackers of the Caribbean


Dancers need a warm layer leaving the studio during the winter even if they might feel warm right after class. Encouraging them to pick their favorite jackets to bring to class may decrease the post-class "layering" battles.

Thanksgiving Closure + Steppin' Out November News

November is here and with it comes an important reminder--the studio is closed the week of Thanksgiving. We will be open on Saturday, November 18th, but closed after that. Please make a note that no classes will be held from 11/21 through 11/25 (all classes have been priced accordingly). Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving break and come back ready to continue working on new steps while improving technique.

Learning tap improves coordination and rhythm and is lots of fun. And remember that you don't need tap shoes to practice tap moves. Flap ball change is a classic tap move that creates two different sound qualities. Here's how to practice it: Start with flapping, a two-sound move, which involves brushing one foot forward and then stepping down on that same foot with the ball of the foot only. Then move to ball change, which means changing weight from one foot to the other. Putting the two moves together means brushing one foot forward, stepping on its ball (forward), stepping on its ball (backward), and then stepping on the other foot. Once your dancer has mastered the move on both sides, try varying the tempo from slow to super fast.

The rainy season is around the corner. Schedule a dry birthday party just the way you want it. We offer fabulous and fun movement-themed birthday parties of any kind, from basic to turn-key, at can't-be-beat pricing. Reserve your party now--parties fill up fast when the weather's wet.

This may be the one and only time we showcase football in our dance studio newsletter, but we think checking out the The Dancing Jets Defense Has Taken Over the Internet might make you smile.

As the weather gets colder, leg warmers or yoga pants are great alternatives to thin tights.

Happy Halloween + October News + The Mystery of Two Left Feet

We love October, and not just because we get to see all the dancers in costume. We also love giving dancers a chance to practice learning a small piece of choreography (whether about pumpkins or witches or broomsticks), so that when spring session comes they'll be more prepared to learn their performance routines.

Dancers are invited to wear costumes to class during the week of October 24th through October 28th. Please do be aware that Tuesday students will not have class on Tuesday, October 31st (Halloween). We have already accommodated for that holiday in your fall session schedule and pricing, so go enjoy the festivities.

In the spirit of Halloween and our "oh so fall" photo, why not practice wheelbarrows with your child at home. Just hold onto his legs between the knee and ankle as he "walks on his hands." Wheelbarrows aren't just fun (and seasonally appropriate), they also improve shoulder and arm muscles all the way down to the smallest muscles in children's wrists, which helps to develops the strength young children will later need to write.

Returning dancers! Please check the jazz shoes that went home with you after the performance this past spring. One of our teen dancers ended up with two right foot jazz shoes (sizes 7 and 9). If you have the two left, please contact Angela, who will arrange the switch.

Teacher Sonja's dance company, Liss Fain Dance, is sponsoring a free dance/creative writing workshop for students ages 8-12 at 826 Valencia on October 21st from 3-5 p.m. Dancers will write a story and bring it to life with movement. Interested? Register here!

Dehydrated dancers? Give your child a cup of water first thing--and while you're at it, drink one yourself.

It's Time + September News

It's time! The studio is open for fall semester today. We can't wait to see you this week.

Please read on for an announcement about our new teacher, some ideas about the drop off policy, movement of the month, tips, and more.

Steppin' Out is so excited to welcome our new ballet teacher, Sonja Dale. A classically-trained ballerina, Sonja currently teaches at the Orinda Academy of Ballet and the Professional Ballet School. Sonja has performed with acclaimed Bay Area companies including ODC/Dance and The Mark Foehringer Dance Project, and taught for Shawl-Anderson Modern Dance Center and the Menlo Park Academy of Dance, among others. You can read more about Sonja's background on our website. Sonja will be teaching the ballet portion of pre-teen/teen Ballet/Tap/Jazz Intermediate II/III from 5-6:30 on Wednesdays as well as Advanced Teen Ballet from 6-7 p.m. that same day.

You can learn more about all of our 2017-18 teachers here.

Want to add a class? Have a friend who wants to dance? We still have room in a few classes. Register here or get more information about our classestuition and policies, or teaching staff.

The following classes still have spots--pass it on!

  • Tuesday 3-4 p.m.: Tap/Pre-ballet/tumbling ages 3-4 with teachers Angela Rose Dorantes & Dora Donovan
  • Tuesday 4-5 p.m.: Tap/Ballet Beginning II ages 6-8 with teachers Angela Rose Dorantes & Dora Donovan
  • Wednesday 10:30-11:30 a.m.: Tap/Pre-ballet/Tumbling ages 3-5 with teacher Angela Rose Dorantes

As we start the semester, please review our class policies. We encourage parents of dancers ages seven and older to please drop off their child rather than staying to observe (at least after the initial transition is complete). Dancers younger than seven may be dropped off too, depending on the comfort level of parent and child.

What can you do in one hour while your dancer is taking class?

* Take younger siblings to the new Chan Kaajal parkaround the corner on 17th and Shotwell!
* Stop into Gus's Market to get some grocery shopping done or grab a healthy snack
* Get your car washed at Auto City Car Wash
* Meet a friend (or another parent in class) at the Stable Cafe 
* Grab a coffee at Linea
* Head to the Flying Pig for board games and sandwiches
* Explore the relatively new Tartine Manufactory(before the lines get too long) or the nearby Heath Ceramics
* Grab some tacos at Mateo's 
* Window shop on Valencia Street

The side step is a building block of many hip hop routines that anyone can do--even parents! An easy way to get the rhythm of this step is to clap each time the legs come together. Start by stepping the right leg out and bending the knees. Then bring the left leg in to meet the right and clap your hands together. Remind your dancers to use inner thigh adduction to bring their legs together! Then repeat on the left. Once you have the basic step down, vary the speed, stepping quickly or slowly or mixing speeds together.

Submitted by a Steppin' Out community member, this month's featured article highlights a recent study of dancer's brains by two American universities. Find out how your dancer's brain might be developing.

Younger dancers who might be nervous beginning classes for the first time will benefit if you pack their bags with them in advance. As you assemble water bottles, shoes, sweaters, and special objects, have a fun chat about what to expect--it will pay off later.

Fall Registration Is Now Open + August News

Public registration is now open for fall--pass it on! For those who have already registered, read on for some resources for purchasing dance attire plus our regular monthly newsletter content.

Public registration is now open on a first-come, first-served basis. Register now or get more information about our classestuition and policies, or teaching staff.

Every year around this time we forward you some basic information about shopping for dance attire in San Francisco so you can get prepared for the start of the fall semester on September 5th. If you're curious about our casual and supportive dress code, you can read it at the bottom of our tuition and policies page.


If you are buying new shoes, please buy black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes for girls and black dance shoes for boys. For teens, please buy black tap and jazz shoes, pink or nude ballet shoes, and nude character shoes (if needed). If you already have shoes or find some second hand, any color is fine!

We do have some tap and ballet shoes in the shoe bin for you to use on a first come, first served basis. If you find a pair that fits, feel free to take it. If you've outgrown an old pair, we'd love your old shoes back so that another student might benefit from them. 

Otherwise try:


  • Discount Dance also offers clothing
  • Target has a dance section
  • Sears also offers dance and active wear
  • eBay and craigslist are good sources for second-hand dance attire

The tail end of summer is the perfect time to try out a hula move (which also helps us with a hula hoop!). To ami, have your dancers bend their knees while rotating their hips right, back, left, and front for a full circle of hip rotation. This is not only a beautiful hula move, but also a great hip warm up before any style of dance. In traditional hula, dancers ami when facing forward but also when moving their bodies in a complete rotation, using one foot as a pivot and taking a step on the outside foot for each hip circle. Remember to balance by rotating the hips an equal number of times in each direction.

Your whole family needs to see Casel's amazing tap sequence, part The New York Times' "Speaking In Dance" series.

Keep your child's interest in dance from waning over the break: let him make up a movement phrase and teach it to you.

Congratulations to the Steppin' Out Community

We did it! Together we pulled off another fabulous year. Whether your part was joining what has got to be the most supportive audience in the West...or dancing your heart out on stage....or getting your dancers to the performance and having their backs in the moments they needed it most...whatever role you played, you are a part of what makes this event possible and we thank you:

Thank you to the parents, grandparents, and other grown ups who brought their dancers to class every week.

Thank you to the dancers who worked so diligently all year long and who supported each other and became part of the Steppin' Out family. You were simply wonderful.

Thank you to our amazing teachers who gave not only their time and their creativity but also their love.

Thank you to our staff for keeping us on track and organized all year long.

Thank you to our community--to all the people who stepped in when we really needed work the curtains, to staff the table, to make another pot of coffee--thank you!

Thank you to our volunteers who made sure the kids were where they needed to be every minute of each show.

Thank you to the parents, grandparents, and friends who sewed skirts and capes, made roses, and otherwise went way beyond the call of duty to make the dancers look amazing on stage.

Thank you for your generous donations and the way you always support each other when someone could use a hand.

Thank you to everyone!

This was a magical--and memorable--year. From dying costumes in bathtubs to misplaced leotards to smaller dancers who just needed the right kind of motivation, from moments unexpected to moments simply breathtaking, the force was strong this year (strong enough to protect all of our dancers from a malfunctioning lightsaber, for one). We are moved, inspired, and deeply grateful.

Steppin' Out is now officially on summer break until after Labor Day, when our fall sessions will begin and our newsletters will resume. Look for Fall 2017 schedule information in July, registration in August, and classes in September. Because life is just better with dance.

Have a wonderful summer!

Performance Invitation & Reminders

For our wider community, we'd like to formally invite you to the Steppin' Out 2017 Annual Performance at Everett Middle School on June 3rd and June 4th! There is no charge to attend any or all of the three shows and parking is available for $10 in the school parking lot (at 450 Church Street). Our daytime shows on Saturday, June 3rd at 11 a.m. or 2 p.m. showcase all of our dancers, while our evening show on Sunday, June 4th at 5 p.m. features our older dancers only. 

For our current dancers, we'd like to remind you of some key information about the upcoming dress rehearsal and the performance:

  1. Dress Rehearsal is this Sunday, May 21st at Everett Middle School. Regular classes will still be held on Saturday, May 20th. Please check the Dress Rehearsal Schedule for your child's call time (and please arrive on time for your scheduled 30-minute window). Make up and special hair styles are not necessary for the dress rehearsal.
  2. Performance fees and costume payments are now due. Please pay during class or make arrangements with Angela to pay these fees so that your child will have a costume during the rehearsal. A staff member will be on site during the rehearsal to take payment for costumes and sell tights (if needed), but we need costumes picked up as soon as possible. Please review our Costume Information page to be sure you have everything you need.
  3. The actual performances are scheduled as listed for Saturday, June 3rd at 11a.m.Saturday, June 3rd at 2 p.m., and Sunday, June 4th at 5 p.m. Call time is 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance. Hair and make up should be fixed before to arriving at the theater (see Performance Hair & Make Up Guidelines for more). Parents are responsible for changing their own children's costumes and shoes. Parking is available on site for $10 and flowers and water will be for sale as well. Don't forget to invite your family and friends--no tickets are needed and everyone is welcome.
  4. We need parent volunteers! Parent volunteers sit with their child's class during the performance to make sure all dancers stay together quietly and to walk them back and forth between backstage and their theater seats. Volunteers have an excellent view of the performance. For classes with dancers younger than eight, we need two volunteers per class. Older dancers are expected to sit together without supervision (but parents are always welcome to join them as well). Please sign up to volunteer at the studio or email Angela.
  5. At the end of each show, all of the dancers will take a bow together. The dancers will then remain on stage until a parent or guardian comes to pick them up. Feel free to take pictures as you congratulate your performers!
  6. Some schedule reminders: Saturday classes will run as usual on May 20th and then dancers will return on the 21st for Dress Rehearsal. The following week, we will run normal classes Tuesday, 5/23 through Saturday, 5/27. Then the studio will be closed during the week of May 30th through June 2nd, but we'll see you at the final performances on June 3rd and 4th. After the performances, Steppin' Out will be on summer break until after Labor Day, when our fall sessions will begin (look for a registration reminder in August).

Showtime! + May News

It's hard to believe we are only three weeks from our dress rehearsal--and only five weeks from our final performances! All of our dancers have been working hard to prepare for their special moments and we know their hard work will pay off on stage. 

If you missed our special performance newsletter, you can view it online here. Below are some highlights plus new information about costumes. 

1. Performance fees are now due. You are welcome to pay for your costume and performance fee together if that makes it easier (see below for more information on costumes). We take cash, checks, and credit cards (and please speak to Angela if finances ever pose a problem).

2. Please check the following links for further information:

Dress Rehearsal Schedule 

Performance Schedules:

Performance Hair & Make Up Guidelines 

Costume Information

3) Costume Details: You can now check your dancer's costume plans (and costume pricing) by clicking here. You may bring home costumes as soon as they arrive and you pay for them, but please hang them in a safe place until dress rehearsal. For your convenience, we sell high-quality tights in various colors for $5 at the front desk (or feel free to provide your own). As always, should finances pose a problem, simply speak to Angela.

4) Schedule Reminder: Steppin' Out's final class of the spring semester will be Saturday, May 27th. There will be no classes held the week of May 30th-June 3rd. Instead, we'll have a short break during the week and the performances on the weekend of June 3rd and 4th. Also, please note that Saturdaystudents will have regular class sessions on Saturday, May 20th, the day before the dress rehearsal. 


This month as we finalize those small details that matter so much for on-stage polish, have your dancers start working on extending their arms. Floppy arms don't stun on stage, but beautiful extension is powerful (and can cover for any missteps). Have your dancers imagine their arms as wings, starting not from the sides of their bodies but from their backs. With their shoulder blades sliding down their backs, have them send energy along their entire arm and out through their graceful fingers. If their fingers get too stiff, have them drop their fingers with their arms still extended, then extend fingers one more time. 

The "performance fee" model means that we don't sell tickets to our performances, so bring anyone and everyone. Family, friends, teachers and more are very welcome to attend any or all of the performances; please spread the word!

Last week was Bay Area Dance Week, an annual celebration of local dance in all of its incarnations. Read about the events of the week here and be sure to put it on your calendar for next year!

We ask our dancers to smile on stage, but why not give them an image to go along with it? Tell your children to think of a close friend or favorite pet to help bring a smile to their faces when the curtain parts.

Steppin' Out Annual Performance Costume List 2017

Tuesday 10:30 & Wednesday 10:30   $40

Tap: Purple leotard, silver skirt and sequin belt

Ballet:  Purple leotard, mermaid skirt and starfish hair clip

·       You will need white tights 

Tuesday 3:00 (front)    $32

Tap & Ballet: pink tutu dress and hair clip

·       You will need white tights

Tuesday 4:00 (front)    $42

Tap: Hot pink leotard, black fringe skirt and feather headband

Ballet: Hot pink leotard, pink tutu, and unicorn headband

·       You will need white tights

Tuesday 4:00 (back)   $46

Tap:  turquoise leotard and sequin skirt

Ballet: turquoise leotard, Hawaiian print skirt and flower for the hair

·      You will need tights white tights

Tuesday 5:00 (front) $12

Creative Movement/Jazz: Black tank top and cheetah print leggings

Tuesday 5:00 (back) $42

Tap: Romper

Jazz: Black tank and sparkle skirt

·      You will need nude colored tights or bare legs

Wednesday 9:30 $15 girls $5 boys

Creative movement: 

Girls: Blue with white polka dot dress and yellow leggings

Boys: Blue shirt (bring your own light blue pants)

Wednesday 4:00 (front) $45

Tap: Yellow dress, blue cape and yellow hat

Ballet: Yellow dress and rhinestone headband

·       You will need white tights

Wednesday 4:00 (Back)   $40

Tap:  White leotard and 50’s skirt (skirt is on loan and will need to be returned after) short white socks

Ballet:  White leotard, Hawaiian print skirt and flower for the hair

·       Bare legs or nude color tights

Wednesday 5:00 (front)   $48

Ballet: Red and black Don Quixote tutu with fan

·       You will need white tights

Wednesday 5:00 (back) $40

Lyrical Jazz: White leotard and white skirt (skirt is on loan from Angela)

·      You will need nude tights or bare legs

Wednesday 6:00 (Back) $3

Ballet: Same white leotard as jazz, water color sarong (on loan from Angela) and flower for the hair

·      You will need nude tights or bare legs

Thursday 9:30   $43

Tap: pink leotard and fairy skirt

Ballet: pink leotard and shimmery ballet skirt

Konrad: ballet-black t-shirt and silver belt & Tap: suit

·      You will need white tights

Thursday 4:00 (front)   $48

Tap:  Sky blue leotard, sequin skirt, and headband with bow

Ballet:  Sky blue leotard, butterfly skirt, and headband with bow

·      You will need white tights

Thursday 4:00 (back) $50 for the girls and $25 for Tate

Tap-girls: white leotard, red skater skirt, red sequin sash, red bow for the hair

Tap-Tate: Please provide your own white or red shirt (t-shirt is ok), and black pants or shorts I will provide the red sequin sash for the waist.

Ballet: white leotard is to be worn under Star Wars costume (except Tate-no leotard)

Thursday 5:00 (front)   $40

Tap & Ballet: lavender tutu dress

·       You will need white tights

Dominic: mom’s making something special

 Thursday 5:00 (back) ladies $12 men $10

Ladies: You will need to provide your own black pants, shorts, or capi pants. Price includes a blue top and gold cuff bracelet.

Men:  You will need to provide your own black pants or shorts and a black shirt.  Price includes a gold hat

Saturday 9:00 (front)   $40

Tap & Ballet:  Fuchsia color leotard, sparkle skirt and sparkle hair clip

·      You will need white tights

Saturday 9:00 (back)   $40

Tap & Ballet: Black leotard, colorful skater skirt and sequin belt.  Sequin bow for tap and hats for ballet (hats are on loan from Angela).

·      You will need nude colored tights

Saturday 10:00 (front)   $40

Tap & Ballet:  Light blue dance dress and hair clip

·      You will need white tights

Saturday 10:00 (back)   $46

Tap & Lyrical Jazz: Teal dance dress and bling hair clip

·       You will need nude tights

Saturday 11:00 (front)   $35

Tap:  Black biketard and green/blue dress

Ballet:  Black biketard, hot pink skirt, and hot pink bow for the hair

·      You will need nude tights or bare legs

Saturday 11:00 (back) $42

Tap:  Black leotard and red swing skirt

Jazz:  You will need to provide your own “Dace audition” outfit.  Think leg warmers, off the shoulder t shirt, wrap sweater, ballet skirt, colorful and fun!!!!

Saturday 12:00 (back) $45 (ladies)

Tap ladies: Primary color dress and nude tights or bare legs

Jazz ladies: Price includes black shimmery shirt.  You will need to provide your own black bottoms (shorts, Capri, pants, leggings, or skirt) and a black top to go under the shimmery shirt.  Black top should be a fitted tank top, cami, or leotard.

Quinn: For Jazz wear any style black shorts or pants and a black shirt. Any style shirt is fine and if you find something with mesh even better! For tap please provide your own black pants and white, red, blue or yellow colored shirt.  Wear accessories like suspenders and/or a long tie, maybe a hat? Have fun and think La La Land!

Saturday 12:00 (front) $25-ladies TBD men

Jazz ladies:  Price includes a fun top. You will need to provide your own black bottoms (shorts, pants, or Capri) I suggest you wear the same black bottom as the Thursday Jazz dance.

Jazz men: TBD

Tap ladies: You will need to provide your own black dress (or Black pants and top if you prefer that).  Dress must hit above the knee (but not too short) and have some swing to the skirt.  Each dancer will need to provide their own accessories.  Dancer has a chosen an accessory color and they must find a minimum of 2 accessories that color to wear with the black dress (or pants).  Accessories can include a belt, hat, glove, bracelets, hair clip, or earrings just to give you some ideas.

Tap men: You will need to provide your own black pants, white colored shirt and accessories of your choice.  Alex Y= Blue and Alex F= Red

Steppin' Out 2017 Annual Performance Information

We are currently in the final two months of preparation for our big event! As we prepare, here are some things you will see at the studio:

  • Classes will begin to practice in front of each other (back studio watch front and front watch back) or parents attending that day
  • Mirrors will be covered so dancers can better learn their dances (without relying on the mirror)
  • Once costumes arrive, students will try them on and practice in them in front of the mirror

There are only seven remaining weeks of class, so please try to attend every session.

Performance Fee/Tickets:

We are now collecting the performance fee for each dancer who will be participating in the annual performance (we hope every student will!). Performance fees are $30/dancer plus $10 for each additional sibling. The fee replaces the need for tickets--please bring as many family members and friends to the performance as you would like for no additional charge. Please bring a check, cash, or credit card to the desk no later than April 30th to pay the performance fee. If paying the performance fee poses a financial hardship, please contact Angela.


The only other fee will be the costume charge. We are still finalizing costumes for many of the dancers, but you can expect costumes to range from $30-$60 per class. If your child will not be performing, she or he is still welcome to order a costume. If paying for costumes poses a financial hardship, please contact Angela.


All performances and the dress rehearsal will be held at Everett Middle School at 450 Church St

Parking during the performance will be available on site for $10/car (proceeds benefit the Everett PTA).

Dress Rehearsal:

This year we will have the opportunity to practice our dancers on our actual performance stage at Everett Middle School. This is a great opportunity for our dancers to get a feel for the stage and work on spacing. Dress rehearsal will be held on Sunday, May 21st from 2-8 p.m. You do not need to attend for the entire six hours--instead you will be called for a 30-minute window (please arrive on time). Please check the schedule to see what time your child's class is called.


To avoid a five-hour marathon, our classes will be divided among three performances of 1.5-2 hours each. To find out when your child will perform, please check the schedules below. Please make sure to read carefully to find the day and time of your child's class as some songs are used in multiple shows but by different classes with different choreography. 

Teacher News:

At Steppin' Out, we feel that the best teachers are working artists.. but sometimes they have to perform, too! Recently, Teacher Zoe has been away working on a musical called "Noise Off" with the Sierra Repertory Theatre. While she's been out, Teacher Dora has learned all of Zoe's dances and has been covering her classes. Zoe will be back in the middle of May. In addition, Teacher Jordon, who has been a part of the Steppin' Out family for six years, has been cast as Eleanor in the Cirque du Soliel Beatles show in Las Vegas! She will be leaving for this amazing opportunity in the middle of May, but will fly back to be with her Steppin' Out students for their performance. Teacher Zoe will fill in for Jordan during the second half of May and help Jordan's students with all of their dances.

Performance Hair & Make Up

All dancers should wear some make up to avoid being washed out on stage. For age-appropriate guidelines, see our Hair and Make Up Requirements.

Performance Hair & Make Up Information

Make Up:

Students are required to wear stage makeup during the performance so they don't appear washed out by the lights on stage. Below is a helpful guide to determine how much make up your dancer should wear:

ages 2.5-5: lipstick or lip gloss and blush
ages 6-8: lipstick or lip gloss, blush, and a small amount of eye make up
ages 9-12: lipstick, blush, and eye make up
ages 13-up: lipstick, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara

*all boys should wear blush so they don't look like ghosts on stage

Students are welcome to wear more makeup than listed for each age group. Make up can be in any color you choose.


Students must have their hair combed the day of the show. Students may wear any hairstyle they desire but should take into consideration any costume accessories such as hats or crowns when choosing a style. 

Sunday June 4, 2017 5 P.M. Performance

The following classes will be performing on Sunday, June 4, 2017 at 5 p.m. (official order tbd):

Tuesday 5:00: The Schuyler Sisters & It’s Time

Wednesday 5:00: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Wednesday 6:00: How Far I’ll Go

Saturday 12:00: Another Day of Sun & The Greatest

Wednesday 5:00: Don Quixote

Thursday 5:00: 24K Magic

Saturday 10:00: Gypsy & Scars To Your Beautiful

Saturday 11:00: I Hope I Get It & Steam Heat

Saturday 12:00: Anything Goes & Cheap Thrills

Quinn’s Solo 

Saturday June 3, 2017 2 p.M. Performance

The following classes will be performing on Saturday June 3, 2017 at 2 p.m. (official order tbd):

Wednesday 4:00: Beauty and the Beast & Madeline

Wednesday 4:00: We Go Together & We Know the Way

Wednesday 5:00: Don Quixote

Wednesday 5:00: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Wednesday 6:00: How Far I’ll Go

Thursday 5:00: 24K Magic

Saturday 9:00: Magic Tutu & L-O-V-E

Saturday 9:00: Almost There & Lollipop

Saturday 10:00: Be Our Guest & I’m Late I’m Late

Saturday 10:00: Gypsy & Scars To Your Beautiful

Saturday 11:00: Trashin’ The Camp & Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Saturday 11:00: I Hope I Get It & Steam Heat

Saturday 12:00: Anything Goes & Cheap Thrills

Saturday 12:00: Another Day Of Sun & The Greatest 

Saturday June 3, 2017 11 a.M. Performance

The following classes will be performing on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. (official order tbd):

Tuesday 10:30 & Wednesday 10:30: On the Good ship Lollipop & Part of Your World

Tuesday 3:00: The Pink Panther & Coronation Band Suite

Tuesday 4:00: Ballin’ the Jack & The Unicorn

Tuesday 4:00: Build Me Up Buttercup & How Far I’ll Go

Tuesday 5:00: The Schuyler Sisters & It’s Time

Tuesday 5:00: Here Comes the Lion Guard

Wednesday 9:30: Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Thursday 9:30: Never Smile at a Crocodile & Be Our Guest

Thursday 4:00: Wink and a Smile & Here Comes the Sun

Thursday 4:00: Star Wars & Accidentally in Love

Thursday 5:00: Animal Crackers In My Soup & Colors of the Wind

Wednesday 5:00: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Wednesday 6:00: How Far I’ll Go

Saturday 12:00: Another Day of Sun & The Greatest