Congratulations to the Steppin' Out Community

We did it! Together we pulled off another fabulous year. Whether your part was joining what has got to be the most supportive audience in the West...or dancing your heart out on stage....or getting your dancers to the performance and having their backs in the moments they needed it most...whatever role you played, you are a part of what makes this event possible and we thank you:

Thank you to the parents, grandparents, and other grown ups who brought their dancers to class every week.

Thank you to the dancers who worked so diligently all year long and who supported each other and became part of the Steppin' Out family. You were simply wonderful.

Thank you to our amazing teachers who gave not only their time and their creativity but also their love.

Thank you to our staff for keeping us on track and organized all year long.

Thank you to our community--to all the people who stepped in when we really needed work the curtains, to staff the table, to make another pot of coffee--thank you!

Thank you to our volunteers who made sure the kids were where they needed to be every minute of each show.

Thank you to the parents, grandparents, and friends who sewed skirts and capes, made roses, and otherwise went way beyond the call of duty to make the dancers look amazing on stage.

Thank you for your generous donations and the way you always support each other when someone could use a hand.

Thank you to everyone!

This was a magical--and memorable--year. From dying costumes in bathtubs to misplaced leotards to smaller dancers who just needed the right kind of motivation, from moments unexpected to moments simply breathtaking, the force was strong this year (strong enough to protect all of our dancers from a malfunctioning lightsaber, for one). We are moved, inspired, and deeply grateful.

Steppin' Out is now officially on summer break until after Labor Day, when our fall sessions will begin and our newsletters will resume. Look for Fall 2017 schedule information in July, registration in August, and classes in September. Because life is just better with dance.

Have a wonderful summer!