Fall 2019 registration begins in August—subscribe to the newsletter to be notified when registration opens. (To learn more about our teachers, please visit the bio pages for teachers Angela Rose DorantesZoe Swenson-GrahamSonja Dale, Emily HanselMaggie Connard, Bella Montufar, and Olivia Lei Byers-Straus.) 

Fall 2019/2020 will run from September 3rd-January 31st with the following holidays: Halloween (Thursday, 10/31), Thanksgiving (11/25-12/2), and Winter Break (12/23-1/6).

Dancers typically stay in the same level for one to two years, depending on age when entering the level. For example, dancers entering a 3-4 year old "pre-ballet" class at age 3 will stay for two years before moving up to level one, while those who enter at age 4 will typically move up after one year.

During registration, students may register for any age-appropriate class with the following pre-requisites:

  • Returning students may register for the same time at which they were previously enrolled, regardless of any bump in level.

  • Tap/Pre-ballet/Tumbling, Creative Movement, and Tap/Ballet Beginning I are open to any student of the appropriate age.

  • Tap/Ballet Beginning II is open to any student of the appropriate age with at least one-two years of previous dance experience.

  • Tap/Ballet Beginning III is open to any student of the appropriate age with at least three-four years of previous dance experience.

  • Intermediate or Advanced classes require placement permission from Angela:

  • Older students just beginning their dance training should contact Angela for placement.