Performance Hair & Make Up Information

Make Up:

Students are required to wear stage makeup during the performance so they don't appear washed out by the lights on stage. Below is a helpful guide to determine how much make up your dancer should wear:

ages 2.5-5: lipstick or lip gloss and blush
ages 6-8: lipstick or lip gloss, blush, and a small amount of eye make up
ages 9-12: lipstick, blush, and eye make up
ages 13-up: lipstick, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara

*all boys should wear blush so they don't look like ghosts on stage

Students are welcome to wear more makeup than listed for each age group. Make up can be in any color you choose.


Students must have their hair combed the day of the show. Students may wear any hairstyle they desire but should take into consideration any costume accessories such as hats or crowns when choosing a style.