Steppin' Out 2017 Annual Performance Information

We are currently in the final two months of preparation for our big event! As we prepare, here are some things you will see at the studio:

  • Classes will begin to practice in front of each other (back studio watch front and front watch back) or parents attending that day
  • Mirrors will be covered so dancers can better learn their dances (without relying on the mirror)
  • Once costumes arrive, students will try them on and practice in them in front of the mirror

There are only seven remaining weeks of class, so please try to attend every session.

Performance Fee/Tickets:

We are now collecting the performance fee for each dancer who will be participating in the annual performance (we hope every student will!). Performance fees are $30/dancer plus $10 for each additional sibling. The fee replaces the need for tickets--please bring as many family members and friends to the performance as you would like for no additional charge. Please bring a check, cash, or credit card to the desk no later than April 30th to pay the performance fee. If paying the performance fee poses a financial hardship, please contact Angela.


The only other fee will be the costume charge. We are still finalizing costumes for many of the dancers, but you can expect costumes to range from $30-$60 per class. If your child will not be performing, she or he is still welcome to order a costume. If paying for costumes poses a financial hardship, please contact Angela.


All performances and the dress rehearsal will be held at Everett Middle School at 450 Church St

Parking during the performance will be available on site for $10/car (proceeds benefit the Everett PTA).

Dress Rehearsal:

This year we will have the opportunity to practice our dancers on our actual performance stage at Everett Middle School. This is a great opportunity for our dancers to get a feel for the stage and work on spacing. Dress rehearsal will be held on Sunday, May 21st from 2-8 p.m. You do not need to attend for the entire six hours--instead you will be called for a 30-minute window (please arrive on time). Please check the schedule to see what time your child's class is called.


To avoid a five-hour marathon, our classes will be divided among three performances of 1.5-2 hours each. To find out when your child will perform, please check the schedules below. Please make sure to read carefully to find the day and time of your child's class as some songs are used in multiple shows but by different classes with different choreography. 

Teacher News:

At Steppin' Out, we feel that the best teachers are working artists.. but sometimes they have to perform, too! Recently, Teacher Zoe has been away working on a musical called "Noise Off" with the Sierra Repertory Theatre. While she's been out, Teacher Dora has learned all of Zoe's dances and has been covering her classes. Zoe will be back in the middle of May. In addition, Teacher Jordon, who has been a part of the Steppin' Out family for six years, has been cast as Eleanor in the Cirque du Soliel Beatles show in Las Vegas! She will be leaving for this amazing opportunity in the middle of May, but will fly back to be with her Steppin' Out students for their performance. Teacher Zoe will fill in for Jordan during the second half of May and help Jordan's students with all of their dances.

Performance Hair & Make Up

All dancers should wear some make up to avoid being washed out on stage. For age-appropriate guidelines, see our Hair and Make Up Requirements.