Spring Registration + Steppin' Out January News

Happy New Year! Here is some important information for returning families. First of all, your fall tuition covers classes through the month of January and classes resume this Saturday, 1/6, so please come back! We'll see your dancers at the studio soon. Second, spring semester begins at the start of February. Registration is not automatic from fall to spring or spring to the following fall; however, we do offer continuing families priority registration. Here are some important details about registering for spring:

Registration Timeline

  • Pre-registration: On Monday, January 8th at 8:30 a.m., Steppin' Out will email a special link to all currently enrolled families. To continue in your current class(es), follow the link to register. 
  • Early Registration: On Monday, January 15th at 8:30 a.m., Steppin' Out will send an email to our newsletter subscribers with registration links, allowing the Steppin' Out community to register for any remaining spots in classes (whether or not they were enrolled for fall). You are welcome to forward this email to friends or family.
  • General Registration: On Thursday, January 18th, any remaining spots will be opened to the general public.

Spring Schedule
Our spring semester will run for seventeen weeks, except for Saturday classes, which will run for sixteen weeks and be pro-rated accordingly. The spring term is from February 1st through May 30th and will focus on preparation for the annual performance. Tuition for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday spring classes is $248 (17 classes x $14/class + $10 registration fee); tuition for Saturday spring classes is $234 (16 classes x $14/class + $10 registration fee).

View the spring class schedule here and learn more about tuition and policies here.

Choosing the Right Class
Dancers remain in the same class from fall to spring. Should you have any questions about your family's schedule, please contact Angela: Angela@steppinoutsf.com.

Please note that almost all fall classes will be the same during spring term, but students who danced with Teacher Dora on Tuesdays this fall will have Teacher Zoe in the spring due to scheduling issues (Teacher Dora will still be with us and will be teaching as much as her schedule permits). Read more about our teachers here.

Plank is a wonderful movement to help build core strength that's perfect for the whole family (especially right after the holidays!) and is also adjustable depending on age or level. Starting on their tummies, beginners can interlock their fingers and press down with their elbows as they tuck their toes and lift their bodies a few inches off the floor so that only their toes and arms are touching. Remember that shoulder blades slide down the back and the core stays engaged. If this is too hard, try the same move with knees down. If it's too easy, use just the hands instead of the entire forearm. More advanced dancers can move between two straight arms (palms pressing down) to side plank (right hand presses down along with the pinky-toe edge of the right foot while the body faces the left side of the room and the left arm reaches to the sky; repeat on the other side). When first attempting plank, hold for a few seconds only. Over time, build up to a couple of minutes or even more.

Steppin' Out is very proud to have been the drop-off site for a special donations event coordinated by one of our community members, the Stemmer family. The event allowed San Francisco families to fulfill the holiday wish lists of Santa Rosa fire survivors. During the event, the studio was full of presents and generous donations reached 26 families over the holidays. This month's cover photo highlights this wonderful event. Thank you so much to the Stemmer family and to everyone who donated. 

Your stuff misses you! The Steppin' Out Lost & Found basket (located on the middle shelf above the shoe bin in the back studio) is overflowing. Unclaimed items will be donated at the end of the month, so please come grab your stuff.