Performance Information + Steppin' Out May News

It's hard to believe we have only four weeks till performance time! Please be sure your dancers attend every class and rehearsal for the next few weeks--and please read on for important performance and costume information below.

Costumes are ready to be paid for and taken home—please check this list for your child’s costume. Once costumes make it home, please take them out of their bags, iron anything that needs ironing, and hang anything that need to be hung. Keep all costume pieces together so nothing gets lost (a garment bag is a great way to store your costume). Please be sure to bring all costumes to the dress rehearsal on Sunday, May 19th as the dancers need to practice in them and photographs will be taken. Don't forget that we sell tights for $5 at the front desk.
We provide costume and performance fee assistance to anyone who needs it--just talk to Angela. Also please note that Wednesday 4 p.m. (back), Saturday 11 a.m. (back), and Sunday noon (front) are still finalizing costumes--stay tuned!

Any accessories such as hair bows or flowers should be wore either in the center of the hair or on the right side. Dancers may wear their hair in any style they want, as long as hair is brushed. Preteen, teen, and adult dancers should try on their costumes at home and determine what undergarments are needed. Please choose clear or nude colored straps on any undergarment that might show (and please match your own skin tone to the degree possible). Make up should be worn according to the Steppin' Out make up guidelines.

Double check your dancer's performance day and time (the specific line up for each show will be released closer to show time) . Call time is 45 minutes prior to show time and each show will run about 1.5 hours. Dancers should arrive with their hair and make up already ready according to the guidelines. If your dancer is in both the 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. shows on June 1st, please make sure to pack a lunch or have a plan for a quick meal in between. Every show will be recorded and a special link will be emailed to each performer, so remind your dancers that they aren't just on stage--they're on camera!

All dancers will sit with their class in a designated area of the theater, chaperoned by a parent volunteer. They will be able to watch the show from these seats, and the Steppin' Out staff will be able to find them when it's their time to go on stage. Once a class has performed its first dance, the dancers will be brought back to their seats. Parents of children under the age of eight must then assist their children with any necessary shoe or costume changes before the next dance (please meet them in the hall and work as quietly as possible). At the end of the show, all dancers will go on stage for a final company bow (parents can pick up from the stage at the end of the show to congratulate dancers and take photos). 

Parent volunteers will keep kids safe and quiet as they watch the show. If you would like to be a parent volunteer, please sign up at the studio.  We need at least two parents per class for each class with students under the age of eight. 

Our dress rehearsal will be on Sunday May 19th at Everett Middle School (free parking is available in the school yard). Dancers only attend during their class' scheduled hour (unless otherwise noted). Natalia Perez of Natalia Perez Photography will be taking photographs of our dress rehearsal. Natalia's photographs will be available for purchase, so please make sure your dancers attend in full costume (including hair and make up, which should be completed before you arrive). You may also want water bottles and sweatshirts for your dancers to wear while waiting for their turns. 

Each dancer who will be participating in the annual performance will be charged a performance fee. This fee covers free admission for an unlimited number of guests and a free video link to the recorded version of the show. Fees are $40 per dancer (for multiple dancers from the same family, add $10 for your second dancer and $5 for your third [or more!] dancer/s, etc.). Please see the front desk to pay by check, cash, or credit card. 
Remind your dancers that when they bow, they are still dancing! While there are a variety of bows being used depending on the class, each dancer can practice their style to get more familiar with it before the show. Practice whenever possible. Finished homework? Take a bow. Set the table? Take a bow. Told a good joke? Take a bow!

Your performance fee covers an unlimited number of guests, so invite a friend to the show. Keep your eyes out at the studio for flyers to hand out to friends and family. Please also let your guests know that parking in the school yard is $10 and that flowers will be available for purchase during the performance.

We've already been talking about "butterflies" in class, but if you sense your child might have a hard time on performance day, consider:

  1. Taping a cut-out heart on the inside of their shoe or costume to remind them you are pulling for them.

  2. Choosing a favorite stuffed animal to watch the show from their seat in the audience (please note that toys and stuffed animals are not allowed on the stage during the performance).

  3. Holding a "practice show" at home so your child can get used to the feeling of being "on stage."