Fall Starts Today! + Steppin' Out September News

Today is the first day of Steppin' Out's fall season! We can't wait to see all of our dancers back at the studio this week. Please see below for a recap of some important studio information you may have missed in our recent mailing to enrolled families.

Steppin' Out sends general studio information each month in our newsletter, the one you are reading right now (powered by MailChimp). If you want to add another family member, they can sign up here.

We also send critical information (like priority registration access) to currently-enrolled families through Activity Hero. Please make sure you are monitoring the email addresses you use for Activity Hero to avoid missing important information.

The studio offers very limited free parking in our side lot on a first-come, first served basis. Please park in designated spaces only (look for the "studio" signs versus the tenants' signs) only during your child's class time. It is especially important that we are good neighbors to the tenants who live in the building we share, so please do not park in the tenants' spots or block other cars or the back driveway (on 18th street) under any circumstances. Thank you for helping us continue to make this resource available to our community!

Drop off at the studio is highly encouraged (especially for dancers aged seven and older). This is to limit student distractions so that students may get the most out of their hour. We do love when extended family members come to visit and welcome parents to occasionally observe class, but we need to limit the number of regular spectators during class time as parents chatting and siblings playing have become quite distracting for our dancers and teachers given the spatial limitations of the studio. New families are welcome to observe as they become familiar with the studio. Children younger than seven may be dropped off too, depending on the comfort level of the parent and the child.

See below for some tips about getting what you need to be ready for class. If you're curious about our casual and supportive dress code, you can read it at the bottom of our tuition and policies page.

If you are buying new shoes, please buy black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes for girls and black dance shoes for boys. For teens, please buy black tap and jazz shoes, pink or nude ballet shoes, and nude character shoes (if needed). If you already have shoes or find some second hand, any color is fine!

We do have some tap and ballet shoes in the shoe bin for you to use on a first come, first-served basis. If you find a pair that fits, feel free to take it. If you've outgrown an old pair, we'd love your old shoes back so that another student might benefit from them. 

Otherwise try:


  • Target has a dance section

  • Sears also offers dance and active wear

  • eBay and craigslist are good sources for second-hand dance attire

  • Don't forget to support our local dancewear store, SF Dance Gear

If your dancers are getting excited about the first day of class, have them practice something simple at home that will also help them get ready to begin. Your dancers can start seated. Have them practice pointing and flexing their toes while extending their legs out in front of them. Ask them to sit up tall and then pull their toes back toward their faces while pushing out through their heels, then have them slowly point their toes away from their feet, curving their entire arch and extending through their toes. Ask them to move slowly...and then quickly. Right foot and left foot together.. then in opposition. Over time, they'll build stronger and more flexible feet for all aspects of their dancing, plus they'll build confidence for the first weeks of class.

If you haven't heard about the recent controversy on Good Morning America (when a host madedismissive comments about Prince William studying ballet), the most important thing is to watch this beautiful affirmation of the importance of dance in response:300 people doing ballet in Times Square. We hope you'll share this video with your kids.

Haven't had time to get shoes yet? No problem--just send your child to class barefoot as tights are too slippery without shoes.