Fall Schedule Release + Steppin' Out July News

Our fall schedule is here! Please take a moment to view it as registration will begin on July 29th for returning families and August 5th for other newsletter subscribers. You can also view our tuition and policy information for details about fall pricing and dates. And don't forget to watch your inbox for notification when registration begins.

We are excited to welcome Bella Montufar as our long-term fall Saturday substitute teacher (covering for Teacher Zoe, who is on leave until December having adventures). Saturday students will study with Bella from September through November and Zoe starting in December. Bella has taught dance and gymnastics for six years at Pacific West Gymnastics, where she holds a certificate in Acrobatic Arts. She also performed with Bliss Dance Company. You can learn more about Bella on our website.

The amazing Teacher Maggie will also be returning as a Wednesday sub for Teacher Zoe until the start of December--we're thrilled to have her back. Other returning teachers include Teacher Angela, Teacher Sonja, and Teacher Emily (all year) and Teacher Zoe (December and after). We're looking forward to a wonderful fall.


  • Continuing students are invited to return to their same time slot, even if its level has increased. You may also select any other time slot of that same level.

  • New beginning students may register for any age-appropriate class that follows the pre-requisite requirements. (Feel free to contact Angela if you meet the age requirements but not the pre-requisites--she'll help you find the right class).

  • New students entering at the intermediate level or higher will have the opportunity to audition. To schedule an audition, please contact Angela.

2018-19 families will receive an email through Activity Hero later in July with information on how to download the performance videos and purchase photos. Please stay tuned.

Tendu is a foundational ballet movement that helps dancers center themselves and build strength and control. It's a great move to practice in the off season to regain alignment. You can start a tendu from many positions, but first position is best for beginners. Standing in first position with heels together and hips outwardly rotated (so toes point out to whatever natural hip rotation is comfortable), lift from your center and begin to extend one leg straight forward until your heel rises off the floor. Continue until you've reached maximum extension with the toes of the extended foot still touching the floor. Then reverse the process, lifting from your center to return the leg underneath you. Repeat on the second side.

Teacher Maggie is leading a special musical theater workshop for ages 12 and up! Join her on August 7th from 6-7:30 p.m. We're already scheming about how we can join in. Learn more or register here.

This August, Teacher Sonja will perform with Garret and Moulton Productions' "Four Acts of Light and Wonder" (appropriate for older children). Learn more or buy tickets now.

Find the dance of "everyday life" this summer. Chassé, skip, and leap through regular activities to keep dance alive even during the break.