Steppin' Out Spring Registration Is Now Open!

Ready to register for spring? Please read the substitute information for Teacher Zoe below, then register now. Note that website visitors have a two-day head start to register before we open general registration on Wednesday, January 16th.

This year, spring semester runs for seventeen weeks, from 2/2/19-5/30/19, and focuses on choreography in preparation for the optional annual performance (dress rehearsal Sunday, 5/19, and performances the weekend of 6/1-6/2). You can learn more about our classes here, our tuition and policies here, and our teachers here.

We are excited to announce that Teacher Zoe has been cast in A Chorus Line! This means she will be away in February and March. We are pleased that Maggie Connard will be covering Zoe's Saturday classes during February and March and Melissa Vesel will be covering Zoe's Wednesday classes during February and March. 

  • Learn more about Maggie here.

  • Learn more about Melissa here.

Reach out to Angela at any time--and don't forget to register now!