Costume Information + Steppin' Out May News

Costume information is here! Please check our costume list for pricing and other details. You can pay for your costume (along with your performance fee if you haven't already paid it) at the front desk. Costumes may go home as soon as payment is made. However, please do hang those costumes in a safe place till the dress rehearsal (though we encourage dress up fun as soon as the performance is over). Also, please check to see that you have everything you need. Most costumes require white or nude tights, which can be purchased at the front desk for an extra $5 (or you may purchase them on your own). Note that hair accessories, if included with costumes, should be worn on the center or the right. Lastly, if you'd like to add $1 to your payment to help a family that needs assistance with purchasing costumes, that would be appreciated. Should assistance be helpful to your family, please contact Angela.

Our dress rehearsal is fast approaching! Please check the dress rehearsal schedule and join us on Sunday, May 20th, at your designated time. Our dress rehearsal will take place at Everett Middle School (free parking will be available in the school yard). Dancers should bring their costumes to practice in, but make up is not required until the performance.

Please double check your dancer's performance time. Call time is 45 minutes prior to show time. Dancers should arrive with their hair and make up done (please see make up guidelinesfor more information). Hair may be worn in any style you wish, but it must be brushed. 

During the performance, dancers will sit with their classes in a designated area of the theater with a parent volunteer. From these seats they will be able to watch the show and Angela will be able to find them when it's their turn to go on stage. Once the class has performed its first dance, the dancers will be brought back to their seats in the audience. Parents must then change their own children's shoes and assist with any costume changes before the next dance. We ask that all families please do their utmost to keep things quiet during these changes as the performance will be ongoing and other dancers will be on stage. At the end of the show, all dancers will go back on stage for a final company bow. Please pick up your child at the stage after bows. You will have time to congratulate your dancers and take pictures.    

Check the studio for the performance flyers. We encourage you to take a couple and and invite your friends and family. Admission is free and so is the parking! Bring as many guests as you'd like; the theater has plenty of room. Also, we will have flowers and water for sale during the performance.

A fun look at Chris Grant and JaQuel Knight, Beyoncé's Coachella choreographers for her two-hour "homecoming performance" dance extravaganza.

While it's not always true that you're "never fully dressed without a smile," it turns out that your face is still part of your body! Sometimes dancing with your face means smiling, other times it means looking intently straight ahead, but it's always part of the way you move and project on stage. Many dancers don't even realize the face they bring to performances. Warming up the face before the show can help (for example, have your dancers make exaggerated  "ooo" faces, followed by "aaah" faces), as can taking a short video of your children practicing and then playing it back, asking them to focus only on their faces. Then discuss. Did the face and the mood of the dance match? A little practice and reflection can go a long way towards producing some wonderful faces on stage in early June.

To get your dancers in the mood for theirperformance, watcha performance, whether live or recorded--sometimes even watching last year's Steppin' Out performance can help dancers get into the right headspace.