All About Love + Steppin' Out February Newsletter

It's the month when we celebrate love (and during times like these, love is especially important). So this month we focus on our community. Our dancers are all different, and those differences make us colorful, but we are lucky to come together in our shared love of dance.

We're also thrilled to welcome some new students to Steppin' Out this spring semester. Now that the first few weeks have passed, we can report that our new dancers are integrating beautifully into our community. And our returning dancers are doing equally well, having now made the transition from break back into their school-year routines. Let's keep this momentum going as we begin our performance choreography!


This month is all about togetherness, so let's practice a move with a friend. Twisting, or moving the top half of the body in the opposite direction from the bottom half, strengthens core muscles and integrates left with right and top with bottom--but it's a lot more fun with a pal! Have your dancers face each other and join hands and hold on tightly. Bend their knees, lift their heels, and move their knees to the right and their upper bodies to the left, then shift in unison to the other side. Since they'll be facing each other, they'll be twisting in opposite directions, which creates added tension, allowing them to work on balance and further develop core strength. And if you've got some great twisting music, put it on! Great music just adds to the fun.

Since we're promoting love this month, we wanted to share some love for Steppin' Out teacher Jordan Drew's recent performance. DawsonDanceSF Dances with Vigor and Truth, the Chronicle's review of the show, praises the program and describes how Jordan "carved out her classical moves with steely precision." Congratulations, Jordan! We can also report that at least two Steppin' Out students in the audience were in awe of your work!

Ask your children what their favorite thing was about class each day when they're finishing up at the studio. We predict you'll love what you hear.