Tis the Season + Steppin' Out December Newsletter

It's that time again: the only time of year we play the Frozen soundtrack. This month you'll hear both "Let it Go" and "Let it Snow" as our dancers spin with their nutcrackers (like one of our Wednesdaydancers in her Clara dress, pictured above). Please read on for all the information you need to know for the season, including which performance of "The Nutcracker" to attend, when the studio will be closed for the holidays, and how to register for spring.

Steppin' Out will be closed from Sunday, December 18th through Sunday, January 1st. You have not been charged for classes during this winter recess. Please enjoy your holidays.

All that footwork we do in ballet class really helps your dancer prepare to defeat gravity and jump! Plies are a good base from which to start and land. Ask your dancers to bend their knees with a straight spine and knees and ankles in alignment. Then dancers can push into the floor with the balls of their feet and spring up, then return to their deep plies. After a few warm up jumps, try having your dancers give you a "high five" at increasingly greater heights. You might be surprised at how high they can go. 

We still have space in Winter Camp and we've updated our camp page with each day's enrichment activities, including making fairy and wizard houses and ice skating! Whether you need coverage the whole break or just for a day here or there, Steppin' Out has you covered. Come take advantage of our magical winter days packed full of delightful, age-appropriate activities and surprises. Learn more or request dates on our Winter Camp page.
Many of you have begun asking about registration for the spring semester. We at Steppin' Out want our families to be able to plan ahead, so we've set up a page with all the registration details you need to know. The bottom line: Even if you're continuing in the same class, you'll need to register again on January 3rd. We'll send you an email with instructions on that date. Students continuing in the same class have guaranteed placement for the spring semester if they register by January 5th. We look forward to continuing to dance with your children for the duration of the 2016-2017 season.

During this time of year, many families choose to see this classic holiday ballet performed live. While there are many excellent options in the Bay Area, here are a few of our favorites:

The classic, featuring breathtaking performances and spectacular sets: 
San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker

The 50-minute version, perfect for the younger crowd:
Mark Foehringer's Nutcracker Sweets 

The whimsical, audience-participation option:
Dance Along Nutcracker: The Fantastic Adventures of Captain Nutcracker

Robert Battle, the artistic director of Alvin Ailey Dance Company, discusses dance, the value of the arts, and humanity in general in this powerful video, Alvin Ailey's Enduring Vision.

Winter is a special time for theatrical performances, especially in San Francisco. Why not give your child the gift of an experience in lieu of a traditional present? Those memories can last a lifetime and help inspire your young performer. 

We at Steppin' Out were devastated to hear of this weekend's fire in the Oakland Arts Collective, the Ghost Ship. Our hearts to out to the arts community and all of the friends and family members who lost their loved ones.