Halloween at the Studio + Steppin' Out October News

We made it over the hurdle! Most of us have now figured out our class schedule, acquired the right shoes in the right sizes, signed up for autopay or our preferred payment method, and started to adjust to our fall routine. September is always such an exciting month at the studio as we come back together after the summer break to see old friends and make new ones, but sometimes it feels good to return to the calm and smooth cycle that October brings. For those of you still trying to settle in, we have more information about our season below; for those ready to skip to the fun stuff, you'll find our Halloween plans explained there as well.

Many of our dancers, whether just starting out or after dancing for years, can benefit from a reminder about posture. Standing tall and lifted isn't just important in dance class--it can also minimize back pain and joint aches in daily life. In class, posture can sometimes be connected to where our dancers focus their eyes. When they stare at their feet while they dance, their backs hunch over. When they gaze confidently ahead, their bodies can stay lifted and will know where to go. Plus standing tall exudes confidence on the dance floor and out in the world. Practice excellent posture by standing against a wall. As you start to lift from your center, you may actually feel your head inch up higher.

HALLOWEEN AT THE STUDIO: It's on! Our fun Halloween dances are back for the entire month of October. And feel free and encouraged to come to class in costume on October 27th, 28th, 29th, and 31st. We can't wait to see what you dream up.

NEW "GREEN" MATS! Steppin' Out is excited to share that we have just acquired a new set of "green" EnviroSafe® Mats, 100% toxin free, hypoallergenic, latex-free, made from 60% recycled material with zero VOCs or off gassing and no leachables of any kind. Bring your kids in for a test tumble!

AUTOPAY ENVY? Close your eyes and imagine that feeling of never being asked if you've paid this month.. for the entire rest of the season! If you'd like to set your account up for autopay and you haven't yet had a chance, please email Leila@steppinoutsf.com to schedule your two-minute phone call.

PERFORMANCE SEASON: Steppin' Out's 2015-16 season runs from September through the first half of June. During the months of September to December, students learn dance vocabulary and technique. From January to June, students work on their dances for the annual performance.

Steppin' Out is open for classes except on the following holidays:

-Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 26th
-Winter Break (studio closed December 21st-January 3rd)

Our last day of classes for the 2015-2016 Season will be Saturday, June 11th. Tuition for the month of June will be prorated.

QUICK TIP: Before you and your child walk through the studio door, take a moment. Even a thirty-second pause to remind your child what's coming next, what to expect in class and how she or he should behave can mean the difference between a rocky day in class and a smooth one. Plus it's great for grown ups too!