Winter is Here + Steppin' Out December News

Winter is upon us! Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone and temperatures have dipped low, it's clear that we've entered the coldest season. This issue is all about those wintry months--how to survive, enjoy, and celebrate them, from staying active during the holidays to where to see The Nutcracker this year. Curious about this month's photo? It shows the whimsical fun and cooperative spirit of last year's winter camp attendees on a field trip day. We're gearing up for even more fun this year, so be sure to check out winter camp among other winter news below.

Right around this time of year, it can feel like holiday celebrations are all about indulgence, but it doesn't have to be that way. Families can enjoy active time together too. Why not turn up the music and dance around the living room as a family? Even better, ask grandma or grandpa to show the whole gang their favorite dance move--or let the younger generation school their elders! It doesn't much matter what music you play or what moves you do; it's all about encouraging multiple generations to be active together.

Looking for childcare over winter break? Hoping for an enriching, movement-filled school holiday for your child? Just want to get a little extra shopping done? Whatever the reason, Steppin' Out has you covered. Come take advantage of our magical winter days packed full of delightful, age-appropriate activities and surprises. Best of all, our camp is completely flexible: enroll only in the days you prefer. Your camper will learn new skills like baking, yoga, and sewing, all while having fun and gaining new experiences in dance. To learn more, visit our Winter Camp page:

During this time of year, many families choose to see that classic holiday ballet performed live. While there are many excellent options in the bay area, here are a few of our favorites:

The classic, featuring breathtaking performances and spectacular sets: 
San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker

The 50-minute version, perfect for the younger crowd:
Mark Foehringer's Nutcracker Sweets

The whimsical, audience-participation option:
Dance Along Nutcracker of Oz

Regular Steppin' Out classes will be on hiatus from December 20th through January 3rd. Please enjoy your time with your family.

In the spirit of winter giving, why not participate in our "pay it forward" shoe collection? Getting organized this break? Donate your reasonable-condition outgrown tap or ballet shoes to the studio so other families can use them. Need a new pair? Check the bin! Let's keep those shoes in circulation and hopefully everyone will benefit.

In cold weather keep your dancers warm before and after class to prevent colds and injuries. Dress them in layers, throw a lightweight sweater over their leotards and remember what we like to say about leg warmers: not just stylish but also practical!