Happy New Year, Spring Registration & Steppin' Out January News

Happy New Year! We're so excited to see our dancers back in the studio. Remember that classes resume Saturday, January 5th and that fall semester extends through the end of January. We hope all of our dancers will also continue with us for spring semester; see below for information on how to register.
Details on spring semester are here! This year, spring semester runs for seventeen weeks, from 2/2/19-5/30/19, and focuses on choreography in preparation for the optional annual performance (dress rehearsal Sunday, 5/19, and performances the weekend of 6/1-6/2). You can learn more about our classes here and our tuition and policies here.

Currently-enrolled students should continue in the same class for the spring semester and will receive a priority registration link on Monday, January 7th to re-enroll for spring. Students wishing to change class times or new students wishing to join the studio may enroll for any class of the appropriate age range and level once newsletter registration opens on Monday, January 14th. (Please note that some students may have aged up during the year but should continue in the class they were eligible for as of Fall 2018.)

In exciting news, Teacher Zoe has been cast in A Chorus Line! This means we will have a long-term substitute teaching Zoe's classes in February and March (Zoe will return to the studio in early April). We'll send more information in the registration emails.

The shuffle in tap is a foundational movement that creates a double rhythm of two brushes linked together--plus it's fun to practice (with or without tap shoes). To help your dancers master the shuffle, have them practice the brush, first brushing their feet forward several times, then backward. Once dancers can do both brushes, combine them together into a shuffle (brush forward and then immediately back). For more of a challenge, try shuffling in different directions around the room. 

Watch Georgian dancers perform astonishing choreographed battle scenes using actual swords in this brief documentary film on Erisioni, the Georgian national ensemble.

Ask your dancers to draw a picture of dance class over the break. Visualizing the classroom may help children transition successfully back to class.