Steppin' Out Spring Registration Is Now Open!

Ready to register for spring? Please read the substitute information for Teacher Zoe below, then register now. Note that website visitors have a two-day head start to register before we open general registration on Wednesday, January 16th.

This year, spring semester runs for seventeen weeks, from 2/2/19-5/30/19, and focuses on choreography in preparation for the optional annual performance (dress rehearsal Sunday, 5/19, and performances the weekend of 6/1-6/2). You can learn more about our classes here, our tuition and policies here, and our teachers here.

We are excited to announce that Teacher Zoe has been cast in A Chorus Line! This means she will be away in February and March. We are pleased that Maggie Connard will be covering Zoe's Saturday classes during February and March and Melissa Vesel will be covering Zoe's Wednesday classes during February and March. 

  • Learn more about Maggie here.

  • Learn more about Melissa here.

Reach out to Angela at any time--and don't forget to register now!

Happy New Year, Spring Registration & Steppin' Out January News

Happy New Year! We're so excited to see our dancers back in the studio. Remember that classes resume Saturday, January 5th and that fall semester extends through the end of January. We hope all of our dancers will also continue with us for spring semester; see below for information on how to register.
Details on spring semester are here! This year, spring semester runs for seventeen weeks, from 2/2/19-5/30/19, and focuses on choreography in preparation for the optional annual performance (dress rehearsal Sunday, 5/19, and performances the weekend of 6/1-6/2). You can learn more about our classes here and our tuition and policies here.

Currently-enrolled students should continue in the same class for the spring semester and will receive a priority registration link on Monday, January 7th to re-enroll for spring. Students wishing to change class times or new students wishing to join the studio may enroll for any class of the appropriate age range and level once newsletter registration opens on Monday, January 14th. (Please note that some students may have aged up during the year but should continue in the class they were eligible for as of Fall 2018.)

In exciting news, Teacher Zoe has been cast in A Chorus Line! This means we will have a long-term substitute teaching Zoe's classes in February and March (Zoe will return to the studio in early April). We'll send more information in the registration emails.

The shuffle in tap is a foundational movement that creates a double rhythm of two brushes linked together--plus it's fun to practice (with or without tap shoes). To help your dancers master the shuffle, have them practice the brush, first brushing their feet forward several times, then backward. Once dancers can do both brushes, combine them together into a shuffle (brush forward and then immediately back). For more of a challenge, try shuffling in different directions around the room. 

Watch Georgian dancers perform astonishing choreographed battle scenes using actual swords in this brief documentary film on Erisioni, the Georgian national ensemble.

Ask your dancers to draw a picture of dance class over the break. Visualizing the classroom may help children transition successfully back to class.

Happy Holidays! Steppin' Out Winter Break Has Begun

The studio is now closed for winter recess. Classes resume on Saturday, January 5th; however, fall semester classes continue through January 31st, so please do come back after break! Registration for spring semester, running February through May, will begin January 7th. Please keep your eye out for the January newsletter for details.

Winter Camp Reminder
If you're in need of childcare over the break, please consider winter camp for campers ages 5-12. Pick only the days you need (between one and six) at only $65/day ($80 on field trip Fridays to cover expenses). Camp runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with drop off as early as 8:30 a.m., and each day includes at least 45 minutes of yoga and/or dance plus stimulating activities like coloring, games, and books during free time. We also have a special featured activity (baking, sewing, or crafts) or field trip each day. During lunch we go to the In Chan Kaajal Park on Shotwell & 17th. We always maintain a 5:1 camper:teacher ratio.

Camp is offered the following days: 

  • Thursday December 27th & Friday December 28th

  • Monday December 31st, Wednesday January 2nd, Thursday January 3rd, & Friday January 4th

To learn more:
To register:

Winter Camp, Winter Break, & Steppin' Out December News

December has arrived! This month, students will continue working on technique. Winter dance choreography and combinations allow students to practice learning and remembering choreography.  Our young dancers will learn the story of The Nutcracker as well as choreography to its music by the famous Tchaikovsky. It's a wonderful time of year.

  • Winter Break for Steppin' Out classes runs for two weeks, from December 21st-Jan 4th. The studio will be closed for classes during that time (but open for Winter Camp; see below). Your tuition already reflects this closure.

  • After break, please come back! Fall classes will resume on January 5th, and our fall semester classes run through January 31st.

  • Mark your calendars for January 7th for our spring registration. A reminder will be sent out in the January newsletter with instructions for registering for our spring classes. Spring semester runs from Feb.1st-May 31st.

Winter Camp registration is now open! Steppin' Out offers a super flexible, fun, and enriching option for kids to enjoy winter break. Whether you need coverage the whole break or just for a day here or there, we've got you covered. Come take advantage of our magical winter days packed full of delightful, age-appropriate activities and surprises. Register now or learn more on our Winter Camp page.

This month we're focusing on first-position demi plie, though more advanced dancers can move on to second and fifth position plie. To find your own first position (using your own natural "turn out" without forcing your feet out), stand with your feet together, lift just your toes and, keeping your knees straight, rotate from the hips to open your toes, then place your feet on the floor wherever they naturally land from this hip rotation. Your first position should look like a slice of pizza. For the demi plie, bend your knees slowly, making sure your knees track over your toes (which should create a diamond shape). Demi means half, so keep your heels on the ground as you bend your knees only halfway down, then push into the floor and lift your core to rise back up. Demi plies in second and fifth position follow the same practice of turning out the feet from the hips and tracking the knees over the toes while the heels stay on the ground. 

It's time for our annual "nutcracker" reminder! During this time of year, many families choose to see this classic holiday ballet performed live. While there are many excellent options in the Bay Area, here are a few of our favorites:

The classic, featuring breathtaking performances and spectacular sets: 
San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker

The 50-minute version, perfect for the younger crowd featuring Steppin' Out's ballet teacher Sonja Dale!
Mark Foehringer's Nutcracker Sweets 

The whimsical, audience-participation option:
Dance Along Nutcracker: Clara and Potter

We at Steppin' Out think watching a recorded version of The Nutcracker shouldn't count as screen time, right? In any case, we recommend it, as watching dance is a great way to improve dance skills and get inspired to perform.

Halloween! + Steppin' Out October News

We have really enjoyed reconnecting with our returning dancers and meeting our new ones this month. The transition into fall has been going smoothly and we are already approaching Halloween. This month we will begin fine tuning the details of the steps we've been working on in September while incorporating them into the choreography of our Halloween dances. Please see below for details.

During the month of October, we play Halloween music and work on special Halloween choreography. This mini-choreography session prepares our dancers to learn their performance dances in the spring. Choreography will be practiced and added to each week during the month of October. 

Please encourage your dancers to wear costumes to any class between October 24th and October 30th--we'd love to see them! If costumes aren't ready, please feel free to wear something else special. 

The studio will be closed the day of Halloween (Wednesday October 31st). If your dancers attend Wednesday classes, you have notbeen charged for this class. Please enjoy Halloween!

Appropriate for students five years and older unless they have neck problems, the tripod (sometimes referred to as the pumpkin) strengthens core muscles while relieving stress and increasing blood flow. Plus it's a lot of fun! Have your dancers start by sitting on their knees and placing their hands flat on the floor shoulder distance apart. The top of their heads should make the tip of the triangle when placed on the ground (rugs or thin blankets are ok for padding of the head but please no pillows). Once their "base" is solid, ask them to slowly lift their hips over their shoulders and as they tighten their tummies and lift their knees onto their elbows. You can "spot" as they do this or they can use the wall for extra support.

More advanced students can try a full headstand. Follow the same beginning steps as for tripod, but extend the legs upward to a full headstand pose. Make sure the body is aligned straight up and down and the hips are over the shoulders.

Please join us for a very special free event with Teacher Angela: Perfectly Normal for Me is a documentary that profiles a group of kids aged 5 to 15 who explore what it’s like to live with a variety of physical and developmental challenges. After the film, Angela and Steppin' Out danceABILITY students will talk about how dance has benefited their bodies and their lives. Part of the San Francisco Dance Film Festival, this event happens thisSunday, October 7th, at 2 p.m. at the SF Public Library's Koret Auditorium (100 Larkin Street) and is free and open to the public.

New families, did you know that Steppin' Out offers birthday parties on the weekends? Best of all they are entirely flexible so that you can plan the exact party you want, from basic to turn-key, at can't-be-beat pricing. Learn more.

Your children will be learning a fun new dance this month--ask them to show you at home! "Performing" offers your dancers a great opportunity to practice being in the spotlight while also challenging them to remember choreography, sequences and patterns. 

Classes Begin This Week! + Steppin' Out September News

Classes begin Tuesday, September 4th! We are so excited to see your kids, whether they are new to the studio or returning. Our youngest dancers will spend the first week getting to know the teachers and each other and learning how taking class works (including standing at the barre and waiting their turn). Dancers who are not new to Steppin' Out will start off slowly reviewing the steps we ended with last year as they get their bodies back into the swing of dance.

Please remember that while we don't have a uniform, we do have a dress code. We also ask parents to drop off dancers aged seven and older (but if you must stay, please keep quiet in the studio).  See our "Tuition and Policies" page for details.

Steppin' Out is offering a special, limited-time promotion for the classes below. Take $30 off when you register now or drop in for the first two weeks of class for free (contact Angelato take advantage of this offer). We'd also appreciate it if you would share this opportunity with friends!

  • Tuesday 3-4 p.m. Tap/Ballet Beginning II ages 6-8 with Angela Rose Dorantes & Emily Hansel
  • Tuesday 5-6 p.m. Tap/Pre-ballet/tumbling ages 3-5 with Angela Rose Dorantes & Emily Hansel
  • Wednesday 9:30-10:15 a.m. Creative Movement ages 2.5-4 with Angela Rose Dorantes
  • Wednesday 4-5 p.m. Tap/Ballet Intermediate I ages 7-9* with Angela Rose Dorantes & Zoe Swenson-Graham

Talk to your dancers about keeping their shoes clean. Dance shoes are for indoors only. Tap shoes might only be for the studio unless you have very patient neighbors. Ballet shoes may be worn at home for practice but not outside on the street.

See our August newsletter for suggestions about buying clothes and shoes.

Here are two additions to that information:

  1. Discount dance is offering us 8% off and free shipping for orders of $49 and more. Use school code 68142 when you visit their website.
  2. Give Shoes/Take Shoes: If your dance shoes from last year don't fit but they are still in good condition, please donate them to our revolving shoe bin.  If you need a pair of shoes, you are welcome to look in our free shoe bin and take any shoes that work.

Studio director Angela and Winter Break teacher Pearl have teamed up so that parents and older teens (15+) don't have to miss out on crafting fun! The first of an ongoing event series happens on Sunday, September 16th. Treat yourself to a well-deserved afternoon of relaxation and crafting. This first workshop will send you home with a personally designed set of throw pillows to beautify your own space or gift to a loved one. Art supplies provided and wine and other non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Learn more or register here.

Tapping your toes can build foot strength as well as body awareness and it's also a great preparation for tap class. Have your children tap their toes up and down, alternating left and right. You can play some music or, if you have patient neighbors, have your kids put on their tap shoes and make their own music. Ask them to try to keep a steady rhythm, first tapping their toes on each beat and then tapping double time!

As you and your family return to dance this fall, we though you all might enjoy this multi-generational family dance video with choreography by Phil Wright.

Especially as kids adjust to their new fall schedules, all routines matters (whether bedtime routines, weekly routines, or dance routines!). Kids do better when they know what is expected of them. Having trouble getting out of the house in the morning? Remember what to do by making your morning routine a well-choreographed dance.

Register for Fall + Steppin' Out August News

It's registration time! Newsletter subscribers may register for fall starting now. General public registration begins this Friday, August 10th and all spaces are first-come, first-served for qualified dancers, so please register as soon as possible. 

Here's a reminder about selecting classes:

  • Continuing students are invited to return to their same time slot even if its level has increased. You may also select any other time slot of the same level.
  • New beginning students may register for any age-appropriate class that follows the pre-requisite requirements (or feel free to contact Angelaif you meet the age requirements but not the pre-requisites--she'll help you find the right class). 
  • New students entering at the intermediate level or higher will have the opportunity to audition. To schedule an audition, please contact Angela.

Still have registration questions? Feel free to contact Angela.

Birthday parties are once again available after 2 p.m. on Saturdays and all day on Sundays, so now is the time to plan a fabulous and fun movement-themed birthday party of any kind, from basic to turn-key, at can't-be-beat pricing. Learn more.

Please go watch (and share with your kids) this incredible clip of the CCN Ballet de Lorraine on the soccer field in Paris this past May.

Every year around this time we forward you some basic information about shopping for dance attire in San Francisco so you can get prepared for the start of the fall semester on September 4th. If you're curious about our casual and supportive dress code, you can read it at the bottom of our tuition and policies page.

If you are buying new shoes, please buy black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes for girls and black dance shoes for boys. For teens, please buy black tap and jazz shoes, pink or nude ballet shoes, and nude character shoes (if needed). If you already have shoes or find some second hand, any color is fine!

We do have some tap and ballet shoes in the shoe bin for you to use on a first come, first-served basis. If you find a pair that fits, feel free to take it. If you've outgrown an old pair, we'd love your old shoes back so that another student might benefit from them. 

Otherwise try:


  • Target has a dance section
  • Sears also offers dance and active wear
  • eBay and craigslist are good sources for second-hand dance attire

Ask your children what their favorite part of spring season was. This will keep dance on their mind while we wait for fall season to begin.

Fall Schedule Posted! + Steppin' Out July News

Our fall schedule is here! Please take a moment to view it as registration will begin on July 30th for returning families and August 6th for other newsletter subscribers. You can also view our tuition and policy information for details about fall pricing and dates. And don't forget to watch your inbox for notification when registration begins. 

We are thrilled to welcome Emily Hansel as our new Tuesday and Thursday teacher (taking over for Teacher Dora). Emily is a San Francisco-based dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor who earned a BFA in Dance Performance from the University of South Florida and currently teaches at ODC, Linda Bulgo's Musical Productions, and now Steppin' Out Dance Studio! We also want to wish Dora Donovan all the best as she finishes her senior year at SF State. We hope we'll have a chance to see her around the studio once and a while this year (and more consistently in the future!).

Other returning teachers include Teacher AngelaTeacher ZoeTeacher Sonja, and Teacher Olivia. We're looking forward to a wonderful fall.


  • Continuing students are invited to return to their same time slot even if its level has increased. You may also select any other time slot of the same level.
  • New beginning students may register for any age-appropriate class that follows the pre-requisite requirements (or feel free to contact Angelaif you meet the age requirements but not the pre-requisites--she'll help you find the right class). 
  • New students entering at the intermediate level or higher will have the opportunity to audition. To schedule an audition, please contact Angela.

2017-18 families should have already received an email with links to dress rehearsal photos and performance videos. Please check your inbox or email Leila for assistance.

Please explore this incredible profile of Teacher Olivia and her journey to follow her dreams through dance (starting at age two!). The story also includes some of Steppin' Out's history and the founding of our danceABILITY company and classes. Read the text but please also watch the amazing video that features interviews with both Olivia and Angela. I don't think we've ever had such an important and meaningful "dance in the news"--a must read/must watch!

While your children enjoy their summer break from dancing, it's a great time to work on flexibility. Child's pose can build flexibility in the hips, thighs, and ankles while also releasing the back and lengthening the spine. Have your children begin on their hands and knees with their knees apart but their big toes touching. As they exhale, they should sit their hips back on their ankles and rest their foreheads on the floor. Arms can be extended with palms down or released along the thighs with palms up. See if they can build up the duration of their pose, starting with a few seconds and working up to two minutes or even more.

Need some dance this summer? Students aged 12-18 can study at the Berkeley Ballet Theater with Teacher Sonja for four weeks from July 23rd to August 13th. Register here.

Download your child's performance video and make it a movie night! Make popcorn and watch the show with the family or friends. Your children will love seeing themselves on the big screen.

Announcing the Steppin' Out 2018-19 Teaching Staff

Steppin' Out Dance Studio is thrilled to welcome Emily Hansel, who will be teaching alongside returning teachers Zoe Swenson-Graham, Sonja DaleOliva Lei Byers-Straus and studio owner and director Angela Rose Dorantes during the 2018-19 season. We are also excited about our long-term substitute teachers Maggie Connard (covering for Zoe on Saturdays during the first half of Spring 2019) and Melissa Vesel (covering for Zoe on Wednesdays during the first half of Spring 2019).

Thank you! + Steppin' Out June News

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Thank you to our dancers who danced their hearts out. Thank you to our parent volunteers who made sure everything ran smoothly. Thank you to our wonderful staff for managing the show, handing out programs, selling flowers, videotaping, and generally assisting. Thank you to our teachers who bring magic to each performance with their incredible choreography and inspiring leadership. And especially, thank you to you, our audience, for being there. Wasn't it amazing?

We'll miss you all this summer but look forward to seeing you after Labor Day.

All our love,
The Steppin' Out Team


  • Classes have ended for the 2017-18 season and Steppin' Out will be closed for the summer. Go have fun and enjoy your break.
  • If you were in the show, you'll receive an email with instructions about how to download the performance videos once they are ready.
  • You'll also get notified about the process for ordering photos from our dress rehearsal photo shoot.
  • The fall schedule will be released later this summer and registration notification will happen through the newsletter, so watch this space--we hope you'll join us for the 2018-19 season, starting after Labor Day.

Did you love Teacher Zoe's choreography at the performance? Want to see more of it? Teacher Zoe collaborated with a former Steppin' Out teacher, Teacher Nicole, on a Mountain Play production of Mama Mia that runs through the middle of June (with sing-along Saturday happening this weekend). Find more information or tickets here.

If you made it to the advanced showcase, you saw some of the beautiful solos our older dancers created. Want that to be your child someday? Start asking your child to make part of a dance. Dances get made in phrases, so a great way to practice choreographing is to make a dance to the chorus of a song (then you'll also get lots of chances to repeat it). Have your child pick a song and improvise to it, then see what movements repeat. Next, see if you can collaborate on turning those repeated movements into a short dance. Try this with different songs (fast, slow, happy, moving, rhythmic, etc.) on different weeks. Sometimes it's fun to use the "fast" choreography with the slow song (and vice versa).

Dance in an art museum? The Hammer Museum says "yes" and includes dance in its "Made in L.A." biennial this summer. Read more here.

The summer break can be long--keep dance on your children's minds by playing their performance songs periodically this summer.

Costume Information + Steppin' Out May News

Costume information is here! Please check our costume list for pricing and other details. You can pay for your costume (along with your performance fee if you haven't already paid it) at the front desk. Costumes may go home as soon as payment is made. However, please do hang those costumes in a safe place till the dress rehearsal (though we encourage dress up fun as soon as the performance is over). Also, please check to see that you have everything you need. Most costumes require white or nude tights, which can be purchased at the front desk for an extra $5 (or you may purchase them on your own). Note that hair accessories, if included with costumes, should be worn on the center or the right. Lastly, if you'd like to add $1 to your payment to help a family that needs assistance with purchasing costumes, that would be appreciated. Should assistance be helpful to your family, please contact Angela.

Our dress rehearsal is fast approaching! Please check the dress rehearsal schedule and join us on Sunday, May 20th, at your designated time. Our dress rehearsal will take place at Everett Middle School (free parking will be available in the school yard). Dancers should bring their costumes to practice in, but make up is not required until the performance.

Please double check your dancer's performance time. Call time is 45 minutes prior to show time. Dancers should arrive with their hair and make up done (please see make up guidelinesfor more information). Hair may be worn in any style you wish, but it must be brushed. 

During the performance, dancers will sit with their classes in a designated area of the theater with a parent volunteer. From these seats they will be able to watch the show and Angela will be able to find them when it's their turn to go on stage. Once the class has performed its first dance, the dancers will be brought back to their seats in the audience. Parents must then change their own children's shoes and assist with any costume changes before the next dance. We ask that all families please do their utmost to keep things quiet during these changes as the performance will be ongoing and other dancers will be on stage. At the end of the show, all dancers will go back on stage for a final company bow. Please pick up your child at the stage after bows. You will have time to congratulate your dancers and take pictures.    

Check the studio for the performance flyers. We encourage you to take a couple and and invite your friends and family. Admission is free and so is the parking! Bring as many guests as you'd like; the theater has plenty of room. Also, we will have flowers and water for sale during the performance.

A fun look at Chris Grant and JaQuel Knight, Beyoncé's Coachella choreographers for her two-hour "homecoming performance" dance extravaganza.

While it's not always true that you're "never fully dressed without a smile," it turns out that your face is still part of your body! Sometimes dancing with your face means smiling, other times it means looking intently straight ahead, but it's always part of the way you move and project on stage. Many dancers don't even realize the face they bring to performances. Warming up the face before the show can help (for example, have your dancers make exaggerated  "ooo" faces, followed by "aaah" faces), as can taking a short video of your children practicing and then playing it back, asking them to focus only on their faces. Then discuss. Did the face and the mood of the dance match? A little practice and reflection can go a long way towards producing some wonderful faces on stage in early June.

To get your dancers in the mood for theirperformance, watcha performance, whether live or recorded--sometimes even watching last year's Steppin' Out performance can help dancers get into the right headspace.

2018 Annual Performance Costume Pricing and Details

Please check your class time to locate your costume information. Additionally, most dancers will need white or nude tights, which may be purchased from the front desk for $5 or bought separately. Payment for costumes is due now and costumes may be taken home once payment is received.

Saturday 9:00 back studio class $42

Tap & ballet: Blue dance dress. You will need white tights

Saturday 9:00 front studio class $46

Tap: Yellow dance dress, black tutu, and bumble bee headband 

Ballet: Yellow dance dress

You will need white tights.

Saturday 10:00 back studio class $60

Lyrical: Rainbow dress with sash

Tap: Black leotard and burgundy skirt 

You will need nude tights.

Saturday 10:00 front studio class $42

Tap: Black leotard and purple sparkle skirt 

Ballet: Black leotard and butterfly wings 

You will need white tights.

Saturday 11:00 back studio class TBD

Saturday 11:00 front studio class $42

Tap: Gold leotard and black and gold sequin skirt 

Ballet: Gold leotard and teal skirt

You will need nude tights.

Saturday 12:00 back studio class

If you are enrolled in the Wednesday 6:00 ballet class your cost is $0. We will wear the same blue dress and black leotard underneath and add a silver sequin sash for tap. For jazz we will wear the same black leotard and you will need to get your own black shorts and flannel shirt.

Saturday 12:00 front studio class $45 ladies $25 men

Tap ladies: Dress with black and white harlequin belt (wear your black leggings under) 

Tap men: Black vest, bow tie, handkerchief, and top hat (wear your black pants)

Jazz ladies: teal tank top (wear your black leggings)

Jazz men: teal t-shirt (wear your black pants)

Ladies will need to get black leggings.

Men will need black pants and a white collared button down shirt.

Tuesday 3:00 front studio class $35

Tap: Pink dance tutu dress

Ballet: Pink dance tutu dress and bunny ears

You will need white tights.

Tuesday 3:00 back studio class $42

Tap & Ballet: Lavender dance dress 

You will need white tights.

Tuesday 4:00 front studio class $40

Tap: Fuchsia tutu dress

Ballet: Fuchsia tutu dress and rainbow tutu

You will need white tights.

Tuesday 4:00 back studio class $36

Tap & Ballet: Red sequin dress 

You will need white tights.

Tuesday 5:00 front studio class $42

Tap: Aqua leotard and sequin dress 

Ballet: Aqua leotard and white tutu skirt 

You will need white tights.

Tuesday 5:00 back studio class TBD

Wednesday 9:30 girls $25 boys $20

Girls: Mini Mouse dance dress and ears

Boys: black pants, white shirt, suspenders, bow tie, and Mickey ears 

Girls will need white tights.

Wednesday 10:30 girls $40

Girls tap & ballet: baby blue leotard, tutu and flower sash 

You will need white tights

Wednesday 4:00 back studio class $55

Tap: Black leotard, flapper dress, pearl necklace, and feather head dress 

Lyrical Ballet: Black leotard and royal blue sparkle skirt

You will need nude tights.

Wednesday 4:00 front studio class $46

Tap: White leotard, black skirt, and red sequin belt

Ballet: White leotard, white swan tutu, and feather headband You will need nude tights

Wednesday 5:00 front studio class TBD

Wednesday 5:00 back studio class TBD

Wednesday 6:00 back studio class $40

Blue dance dress and black leotard 

You will need nude tights.

Thursday 9:30 girls $40 boys $15

Girls tap & ballet: baby blue leotard, tutu and flower sash 

Boys: blue stripe pants, white shirt, suspenders and bow tie 

Girls will need white tights.

Thursday 4:00 front studio class $46

Tap: Yellow leotard, black fringe skirt and bumble bee headband 

Ballet: Yellow leotard and rainbow tutu

You will need white tights.

Thursday 4:00 back studio class $50

Tap: Black leotard and gold pants (hats are on loan from Angela) 

Ballet: Black leotard and tutu skirt

You will need nude tights.

Thursday 5:00 front studio girls $50 boys $30

Girls tap: Blue leotard and raindrop skirt

Boys tap: Blue shirt and black pants

Girls ballet: Blue leotard, tutu and flower sash 

Boys ballet: Nutcracker soldier costume

Girls will need white tights

Thursday 5:00 back studio ladies $15 or $0

If you are enrolled in the Saturday 12:00 class the cost to you is $0 since we will be using the same teal tank tops. If Thursday is your only dance class your cost is $15 and you will need to get your own black leggings. Gregory is all set!

Performance and Dress Rehearsal Line Ups + Steppin' Out April News

This edition is full of fun announcements, including our song list, dress rehearsal schedule, and performance schedule! Please be sure to look through everything this month. Also, as a sneak preview, know that in our May newsletter we'll provide costume pricing and the specific song order of each performance.

Each dancer who will be participating in the annual performance will be charged a performance fee during the month of April (please see the front desk to pay by check, cash, or credit card). This fee covers free admission for an unlimited number of guests, free parking in the school yard at Everett Middle School for the dress rehearsal and all three performances, and a free video link to the recorded version of the show. Fees are $40 per dancer (for multiple dancers from the same family, add $10 for your second dancer and $5 for your third [or more!] dancer/s, etc.).

Our Dress Rehearsal will be held on Sunday, May 20th at Everett Middle School. Find your dancer's call time here. Here are some tips from Angela for rehearsal success:

1) Please arrive on time. We have over 200 dancers and only a short amount of time. Your call window is an hour, but we may be able to dismiss some dancers earlier if we stay on schedule. You will share your hour with other classes, so please bring something to do while you wait.

2) The school parking lot will offer free parking during the rehearsal.

3) Classes rehearsing from 6:00-8:00 do not need to wear their costumes. We want to spend more time on stage working on spacing instead of changing in and out of costumes.

4) Stage make up is not necessary during the dress rehearsal (but will be for the performance).

5) The dress rehearsal is an opportunity for the dancers to get up on stage and practice before the big day. Plus it's a lot of fun!


  • Saturday, June 2nd: Shows at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.: Find your dancer's show/s here (note that only the Saturday noon advanced class will perform both at 11 and at 2).
  • Sunday, June 3rd: Advanced Showcase, 5 p.m.: See the list of invited classes here (scroll down).

All shows will take place at Everett Middle School

For dancers who might have overdone the chocolate yesterday, it's the perfect time to practice extra hopping. To hop in dancer form, dancers should engage their cores, stack their joints (ankles to knees to hips to shoulders), glue their inner thighs together, bend at the knee (pointing knees straight forward) and then push down into the floor to hop up, pointing their toes. The most critical part of hopping for knee health is the landing. Encourage your dancers to land silently by bending their knees on the way down and keeping their cores just as tight. And make sure to follow up with a carrot!

Come see Teacher Sonja dance as Alice in Alice in Wonderland with Mark Foehringer Dance Project. This is the same company that does the "Nutcracker Sweets" and its performances are highly kid-friendly and capped at 50 minutes for young (and sometimes wiggly) audiences. For more information, cool photos, and tickets, see the MFDP website

Download your performance songs by checking our song list here. Listen in the car, practice in your living room, live your music!

Dress Rehearsal Schedule Sunday, May 20th, 2-8 p.m.


Saturday 9am (front studio) Saturday 9am (back studio) Tuesday 4:00 (front studio) Tuesday 4:00 (back studio)


Tuesday 3:00 (front studio) Tuesday 3:00 (back studio) Wednesday 9:30 Wednesday 10:30 Thursday 9:30 Saturday 10:00 (front studio)


Thursday 4:00 (front studio) Thursday 4:00 (back studio) Tuesday 5:00 (front studio) Tuesday 5:00 (back studio)


Wednesday 4:00 (front studio) Wednesday 4:00 (back studio) Saturday 11:00 (front studio) Thursday 5:00 (front studio)


Wednesday 5:00 (front studio) Saturday 10:00 (back studio) Saturday 11:00 (back studio) Saturday 12:00 (front studio) Thursday 5:00 (back studio)


Saturday 12:00 (back studio) Wednesday 5:00 (back studio) Wednesday 6:00 (back studio) 

Spring 2018 Song List

Most songs can be found on iTunes and the ones that are edited are noted.  Please download and practice at home!

  • Tuesday 3:00 (front studio)

Bunny Rabbit Blues: Children’s Dance Favorites- Blues Series

If You’re Happy and You Know It: John Arch Ambault & David Plummer-Chicka Boom Boom Series Volume One (EDITED)

  • Tuesday 3:00 (back studio)

I See the Light: Mandy Moore-Tangled Soundtrack 

You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Randy Newman-Toy Story Soundtrack

  • Tuesday 4:00 (back studio)

Rockin’ Robin: Jackson Five

A Million Dreams: The Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  • Tuesday 4:00 (front studio)

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile (Cast Version): Alicia Morton- Annie (Original Soundtrack)

Let’s Go Fly a Kite: The Tiny Boppers

  • Tuesday 5:00 (front studio)

Singin’ in the Rain: The Sound of Musical Orchestra- Musical and Movie Music 4 Kids

Everything At Once: Lenka- Two (Bonus Track Version)

  • Tuesday 5:00 (back studio)

Can’t Stop the Feeling!: Justin Timberlake, Original Song from “Trolls"

  • Wednesday 9:30 (front studio)

Mickey Mouse’s Birthday Party: Dance Film Review Enhanced CD (May Not be available)

  • Wednesday 10:30 (front studio)

It’s the Hard Knock Life- Song has been edited

Sing- Carpenters (edited)

  • Wednesday 4:00 (front studio)

Razzle Dazzle: Richard Gere- Chicago (Music from the Motion Picture)  

 Dance of the Little Swans: Regency Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Wednesday 4:00 (back studio)

Thoroughly Modern Milly: Michael Rafter-Original Broadway Cast Ensemble

Rise Up: Andra Bay

  • Wednesday 5:00 (back studio)

No Roots: Alice Merton

  • Wednesday 5:00 (front studio)

King of New York: Newsies Ensemble-Original Motion Picture

Feel It Still: Portugal the Man

  • Wednesday 6:00 (back studio)

Before Dawn: Michael Gungor & Tyler Chester-On Earth

  • Thursday 9:30 (front studio)

It’s the Hard Knock Life- Song has been edited version not available 

Sing: Carpenters (edited-cut short)

  • Thursday 4:00 (front studio)

Let’s Go Fly a Kite: The Tiny Boppers

Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee: Kimbo Children’s Music-Children’s Dance Baby Class Hits red series

  • Thursday 4:00 (back studio)

Duel With Facilities: Nick Urata- Paddington Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

One: A Chorus Line (40th Anniversary Celebration) Original Broadway Cast

  • Thursday 5:00 (front studio)

Singin’ in the Rain: The Sound of Music Orchestra-Musical & Movie Music 4 Kids

Nutcracker- Act II: Mother Ginger and her Polichinelles: David Zinman & New York City Ballet Orchestra- George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker

  • Thursday 5:00 (back studio)

Hung Up: Madonna

  • Saturday 9:00 (front studio)

Bumble Bee Boogie: Linda Arnold  

Let’s all Dance Like a Daisy: Kimbo Children’s Music (Edited)

  • Saturday 9:00 (back studio)

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes: Lily James- Cinderella (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Broadway Baby: Dorothy Loudon-Broadway Baby

  • Saturday 10:00 (front studio)

Take to the Sky: Jordan Pruitt- Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure

The Bare Necessities-Animation Soundtrack Ensemble Musical & Movie Music 4 Kids

  • Saturday 10:00 (back studio)

Rockin’ Robin: The Jackson Five 

Over the Rainbow: Glee Cast Version

  • Saturday 11:00 (front studio)

Go the Distance: Roger Bart-Hercules Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile: Alicia Morton- Cast Version Original Soundtrack

  • Saturday 11:00 (back studio)

Feeling Good: Michael Bublé 

Friend Like Me: Animation Soundtrack- Musical & Movie Music 4 Kids

  • Saturday 12:00 (front studio)

The Greatest Show: The Greatest Showman Ensemble (Song starts at 50n seconds in)

Can’t Stop the Feeling: Justin Timberlake-Original Song from “Trolls”

  • Saturday 12:00 (back studio)

That Man: Caro Emerald (edited slightly slower)

Brand New: Ben Rector